37 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Opened, Read and Clicked

We’ve all been there … You’ve carefully crafted an email. You’ve polished each sentence. You’ve racked your brain for the very best subject line. You hit publish with a sigh of relief. That’s done. But when you look at your email stats, you notice that the opens aren’t as good as you’d hoped, and the

Introducing the Wishloop Associate Program

Discover how, as a Wishloop Associate, you can rebrand any of the Growth Hacks in the Wishloop Growth Hub to instantly create your own personalized lead magnets…

Emojis for marketing – fun 😀 or fad 🧐?

Hey Wishloopers… Its World Emoji Day (July 17th) 📆 And its fair to say… emojis have well and truly taken over the world 😈 There’s no denying their popularity.  Driven by the explosion in instant messaging they’re as much a part of everyday life as morning coffee and Netflix.   And that even extends to business

Why we’re Betting our Business on these 3 Powerful Growth Strategies…

...that we swiped from Netflix & Spotify 😉 Hey Wishloopers! In this post, I want to give you an insight into our vision of the future of Wishloop.

3 Tips (and Templates) to Help your Business Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

All businesses are having to rapidly adapt to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic… get our tips (and templates) to help your business through this uncertain time...

5 Ways to “Actively Convert” Your Website Visitors

LOW CONVERSIONS? If you’re struggling with your website conversions, you’re not alone. Here are some pretty sobering stats… You only have 0-8 seconds to impress a first time visitor, before they turn around and leave On average, only 2% of website visitors actually buy at any given visit It takes 7 interactions on average to

How to Create Facebook Messenger Funnels that Convert

Facebook Messenger is now an essential marketing channel for every business – giving you unrivaled engagement and personalization options …with results to match! So to make sure Wishloop customers can take full advantage of this powerful medium, we’ve added a new integration with Clever Messenger.   And in this post, I outline 3 ways we

The Top 7 Benefits of Having a White Label Software Business

Here at Wishloop, we know first-hand the revenue potential of a white label business opportunity… Because before developing our own SaaS (Wishloop) we got our “big break” with a white label software program… Basically, this is when you license a proven software to resell under your own brand-name. This is a gives you an instant

The “Content Infiltration” Growth Hack

Content marketing is essential to growth online However, it’s also time-consuming and hard Here’s our 4-step strategy for running an effective content marketing program WITHOUT having to hire new staff or spend all your time producing content… Back in 1996, when the web was still in its infancy, Bill Gates wrote a seminal essay entitled:

Youtube Ads… six billion hits a day… need we say more?

Six Billion (6,000,000,000) hits …every…single…day One Billion (that’s right – 1,000,000,000) unique users access YouTube every month; …and the total time spent watching YouTube content equals about 1 hour, per month, for every person on the planet! So if you aren’t already using YouTube as a key tool in your marketing strategy…frankly…. YOU ARE BEHIND

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