3 Things You’ll ❤️ About The New Wishloop Dashboard

Hey Wishloopers!

So you might notice something different when you next log-in to your Wishloop account…

Yep, the Dashboard has changed… 

…from this:


…to this:

✨ Tada..! ✨

Looks pretty sweet, right?

So in this quick post, I want to:

  • Highlight a few cool features of the new UI that we think you’ll love ❤️
  • Explain how these new changes align with our broader strategy
  • And give you a sneak peek of what’s coming next… 

So let’s dive straight in…

1.  It looks 🔥! 

First up, it looks amazing (well, I think so anyway!).

The new Wishloop dashboard is a place you’ll want to spend your time. 

And this is important. 

Because to get the most value from Wishloop, you need to run multiple campaigns regularly, across all your web properties. We want you to enjoy your experience inside the app, so you get the most out of it 🙂

And I’m sure you’ll agree, the new UI is a massive upgrade on the old look…. a clean, friendly space to monitor all your live campaigns and plan your next growth campaign. 

Big thanks to our lead developer – Ayoub – and our lead designer – Sandra – for helping to make this a reality 🙏

 2. Easily Track & Manage All Your Campaigns

The new Dashboard is not just an upgrade in the looks department. 

It’s also a functional upgrade.

All the information you want to see is now available at a glance:

  • Your critical account details are on the right side of the dashboard – including your account status, remaining impressions, and Wishloop Credits. Use Credits to purchase templates. 

COMING SOON: you’ll also be able to use Credits to purchase re-brandable Growth Hacks (campaign packs) to give away as lead magnets 😎 

  • In the center of the dashboard, you’ll see an aggregated overview of your campaign stats for your selected Workspace: a chart displaying total impressions & conversions over time. You can change the time-span by clicking on the date.
  • Below the chart, you’ll see a breakdown of all your live campaigns. Switch between your best performing and favorite campaigns using the tabs. You can sort your campaigns by impressions or conversions, as well as filter by campaign type (page/popup). 

Clicking on any campaign name will take you to the campaign manager, where you can edit the design and settings for your chosen campaign.

 3. Discover New Campaign Ideas With Ease

Last but not least, the new UI is designed to give you a constant stream of inspiration for new marketing campaigns, every time you log in…

  • In the bottom right section of the dashboard, you can scroll through the latest and most popular Wishloop templates – created by our in-house design team. So you can take advantage of the latest trends and holiday promotion opportunities with fresh, up-to-date designs.

Ready to check it out for yourself?

Just click the button below to access your account. And if you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here

Coming Soon: The Wishloop Growth Hub: Taking The Guesswork out of Growth

The UI overhaul is part of our broader “value-first” strategy (which I outlined a few months ago in this post here)

Our mission is to make Wishloop the #1 platform for creating tactical marketing campaigns – by taking the guesswork out of growth

To this end, we’re launching the Wishloop Growth Hub later in just a few weeks – bringing together all our Growth Hacks inside your dashboard. 

As such, you’ll have step-by-step marketing execution plans + templates at your fingertips – a constant stream of inspiration for generating more leads & boosting conversions across all your web properties 🙂

Moreover, you’ll soon be able to give away these methods under your brand – and generate leads + commissions in the process, with our Associate Program…

SNEAK PEEK of the Wishloop Associate Program: Re-brandable Growth Hacks Live Inside Your Dashboard

The Wishloop Associate Program will enable you to:

✨ Rebrand the Growth Hacks under your brand

📨  Capture people’s emails when they optin for the Growth Hack

💵  Add your affiliate link to the accompanying templates – so you’ll earn commissions from Wishloop customers who sign up via your link

…And if you sell marketing services to other businesses, all the growth hacks are actionable and easy to deliver as productized services 🤑

Watch this space 👀


Let us know what you think about the new UI. 

We love to hear your feedback 🙂

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