Behind the scenes at Wishloop (2021 story so far + Partner Program Special Offer…)

Hey Wishloopers!

In the first half of 2021, we’ve introduced some powerful new ways to generate leads and earn commissions with Wishloop 😄

So in case you missed any of these updates, I wanted to give you a summary of what we’ve been up to so far this year at Wishloop…

…and let you in on a HUGE offer on our flagship Partner Program coming up next week…

Wishloop Associate Program

First and foremost, we recently launched the Wishloop Associate Program

Our Associate Program enables you to create your own lead-gen funnels in minutes – by leveraging our proven, up-to-date content…

Now you can rebrand our premium marketing guides – “Growth Hacks” – to create your own personalised lead magnets in just a few clicks. 

Each rebrandable Growth Hack comes complete with corresponding squeeze page and pop-up templates.  

So you can immediately put your lead magnets to work to grow your email list. 

Moreover, you can add your affiliate link, and earn commissions from all the leads you generate with your rebranded Growth Hacks 🤑

This is possibly the fastest way yet to build an email list (and make commissions) starting from scratch – so if you’ve not checked out our Associate Program yet, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about the Wishloop Associate Program here

New Growth Hacks 

Taking the guesswork out of growth

Over the past few months we’ve also added some brand new Growth Hacks to give you fresh inspiration for growing your business…

  • The “Commission-Loop” System: How to get paid every month to build your email list – even if you have no product, website, or tech experience. This Growth Hack is perfect for “newbie” internet marketers who are looking for a simple system for making commissions online.
  • The “Personalized Opt-in” Growth Hack: How to double your opt-ins with one simple tweak to your call-to-action design. This method is perfect for professionals looking to build their “personal brand”, as well as an engaged prospect list.
  • The Facebook™ Messenger Funnel Hack: 4 High-Converting Messenger Lead-Gen Funnels (with Templates). Check out this guide if you want to hit the ground running with Messenger marketing.

Login to Wishloop to check out all the Growth Hacks

Remember, as well as using these methods and templates to grow your own business, you can also rebrand them and give them away to other people…

Share the value and build your list – everyone wins!

230+ New CTA Templates 

In addition to giving you step-by-step guides for growing your business, we also want to help keep your marketing fresh, and enable you to take advantage of all the latest promotion opportunities.

With this in mind, our designers have created over 230 new templates so far this year – covering everything from ebook optin templates to special offer popups, webinar sign-up pages and more…

Check out some of the templates released over the last few months…

June Templates
May Templates
April Templates

New Builder Features

We’ve released loads of updates to the builder over the last few months – too many to mention here – but a couple of cool new features particularly stand out:

Passing subscriber emails to external pages/apps via url parameters

A simple yet advanced feature that has been requested by several of our users…

It’s now possible to pass the email address of your subscribers across to any external page via url parameters (also sometimes called GET parameters or query strings).  This is a useful feature commonly used by web developers to pass data between applications.

You can find more info on this feature here

Dynamic personalisation

It’s now also possible to personalise your campaigns and welcome your leads by including their name and/or email address in the thank you step of any campaign?

Its a cool way to welcome your leads and help them to take the next step, and also gives a great first impression.

Its also really simple to setup, just by adding a couple of shortcodes to your thank you step, like so:

See here for more details on this powerful new feature

Google sheets integration (Pending approval)

We just finished this one a couple of days ago, and our app is still in the review process, but we’re confident it’ll be approved in the next week or so.

With this new integration you can connect any of your optin forms to a Google sheet (Googles version of Microsoft Excel).

This is in addition to your normal autoresponder.

Not only does this give you a great way to add additional level of security to your optins, so you’re no longer at the mercy of the usage policies of 3rd party autoresponder.

…But its also a great way to create a list of your optins to upload as a custom audience to Facebook’s ad platform.

Credits Packs

Wishloop Credits are the key to unlocking value from the Wishloop ecosystem: 

You can use credits to import new CTA templates, as well as rebrand our Growth Hacks to instantly create your own lead magnets.

A standard Wishloop account comes with 10 credits, whereas a Pro account comes equipped with unlimited credits.

If you have a Standard account and want to add more credits to your account, you now have the option to add “Credit Packs” to your account for a one-time fee. You can add credits in packs of 10 or 25 here.

Coming Soon…

🎉 Wishloop Partner Program: relaunch and special offer

In light of the new features we’ve introduced over the past year, next week we’re launching an updated version of the Wishloop Partner Program – our flagship program that enables you to resell Wishloop under your own brand.

Our white label program already boasts dozens of 5- and 6- figure success stories. 

And now it’s easier than ever before to succeed as a Partner…

Here’s what’s new with Wishloop White Label: 

New whitelabel website

First up, we’ve given the white label website a complete overhaul to reflect the updated product.

The new website showcases the new customer dashboard, template library, and growth hacks.

As a Partner, your website will even automatically update each month to pull in our latest Growth Hacks and Templates!

Done-for-you Marketing Material:

Make software sales without selling 

One of the most frequent questions we get from white label partners is: “What’s the best way to sell my software?”

Well, we’ve discovered that the best way is…to not sell your software at all! 

Which is to say, rather than pitch a bunch of software features, offer specific solutions to problems that your potential customers face…

Because this is what people really want – the solutions and results the software will give them, right?

But what does this mean in practise? 

Well, this is where the Growth Hacks come in…

Growth Hacks are specifically crafted to pre-sell your software, because they give tangible use cases, along with ready-to-use templates for putting the methods to work.

As such, you can offer your prospects real solutions to their marketing needs…

…whether it’s: 

  • attracting new customers with Facebook ads
  • maximising their FB Messenger marketing 
  • decreasing their website’s bounce-rates
  • capturing more leads from articles they share on social media
  • creating better special offers…
  • etc… 

This makes Growth Hacks perfect lead magnets for attracting targeted trialists for your software AND activating them as users.

Whitelabel Admin Dashboard

Wishloop Partners will also benefit from a brand new Dashboard, providing a greater overview of how their business is performing.

The new Dashboard displays:

  • Numbers of trialists and subscribers
  • Projected revenue
  • Breakdown of plans
  • Overview of your most active users 
  • Customer Profiles (deep-dive into individual user activity)

So it’s now much easier to track all your key metrics in real-time.

Updated white label knowledge-base

We’ve also massively improved the white label knowledge base. This means that your customers are able to get results quicker and easier, so you can run your SaaS with minimal support costs.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that every article, every link (and even every screenshot!) is magically rebranded, like so:

🔥 Special Offer 🔥

To celebrate the relaunch of the Partner Program, we’re running a special offer next week.

Here are the key details:

Q: What’s the offer?

For one week only, you can get a white label license with NO SET UP FEE – a HUGE saving of $1,000 😀

Q: What do you get with the Wishloop Partner Program?

Everything you need to run your own SaaS (without having to deal with the technical side):

  • The Wishloop app re-branded and mapped to your domain
  • Your own white label website + payment system integrated
  • Done-for-you white label marketing material
  • Full set up
  • Unlimited free trialists

Check out everything included with our Partner Program here

Q: Who is this for?

If you run a marketing agency, having your own marketing SaaS is a great way to increase your revenue, allowing you to:

  • Generate new leads for your agency, by giving away free software trials;
  • Boost your branding and authority by giving away guides & templates that solve your prospects marketing problems (and pre-sell your software);
  • Add a passive revenue stream to your agency via recurring subscriptions;

A white label SaaS is also a great venture for online entrepreneurs who are looking for a new low-cost, high-margin business model to implement…

Check out all the benefits of having your own SaaS business here

Q: When does the offer end?

Due to the manual set-up required for every new Partner, this offer is strictly limited to next week only: opening on Monday 14th June and closing on Friday 18th June @ midnight PST

If you want to leverage our proven technology to start your own software subscription business – this is your chance to get your business up and running at a small fraction of the normal cost…

So make sure you look out for my emails next week!

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