Introducing the Wishloop Associate Program

Imagine if you could get paid to build your list?

Hey Wishloopers!

In this post, I want to introduce you to a “shortcut” for growing your list AND making commissions with Wishloop 🤑

Specifically, I’d like to share a new Program that will help you:

👉 Instantly create high-quality lead magnets… without spending hours churning out original content

👉 Build your authority and “personal brand” so you attract prospects (rather than having to chase them)

👉 Generate free traffic and capture leads from the biggest traffic sources on the web

👉 …And earn recurring commissions without personally selling anything

Sound good?

Great. Then let me introduce you to The Wishloop Associate Program

What is the Wishloop Associate Program?

In 3 words…

Rebrand.  Share.  Earn

The Wishloop Associate Program gives you a proven model to generate leads & recurring commissions.

Here’s how…

“As a Wishloop Associate, you can rebrand any of the Growth Hacks in the Wishloop Growth Hub to instantly create your own personalized lead magnets…”

Our Growth Hacks are bite-sized, actionable methods for growing any business online…

Things like:

  • How to create the perfect offer in under 30 minutes with the Perfect Offer Formula
  • How to get new customers every month like clockwork, with the Facebook Birthday Method
  • How to reduce website abandonment with Dynamic Exit Offers
  • How to generate email leads by sharing content on social media, with the Content Infiltration Growth Hack
  • How to build your list and boost your authority with Personalized Lead Magnets 😉 
  • And much more…
The Wishloop Growth Hub is packed with actionable guides + templates for growing your business

Each of these marketing methods is:

  • Proven-to-work: whether you’re looking to grow your lead lists, or boost your sales conversions, each growth strategy had been tried-and-tested with 100s of Wishloop users
  • Easy-to-implement: Each growth hack comes complete with a step-by-step implementation guide and ready-to-use templates
  • Fast-acting: each method can be popped into any funnel in just a few steps, to instantly amplify your results

“And with our Associate Program, you can put your name on all this premium content in just a few clicks…”

Example of a rebranded Growth Hack: a step-by-step guide for creating amazing special offers

Lead Generation. Made Easy.

We’re taking the heavy-lifting out of building your list. 

Each rebrandable Growth Hack comes complete with a corresponding squeeze page and pop-up… 

So you can immediately put your personalized lead magnets to work to grow your email list 📧

But that’s not all…

You can also earn commissions by sharing your rebranded growth hacks: 

Anyone who signs up to Wishloop via any growth hack you share will count as one of your referrals. 

You’ll earn 50% of all initial Wishloop sales, and 30% of all re-bills.

And we give you the best shot at making these commissions: 

Your affiliate link is automatically inserted into all the templates & free trial buttons in the growth hack, to maximize your chance of converting your leads into customers…

Moreover, your affiliate link is passed onto our autoresponder alongside your referrals. So if your referrals purchase Wishloop via any of our onboarding emails, you’ll also get credited.

When anyone imports a Wishloop template from your growth hack (i.e., starts a free trial) they are cookied with your affiliate ID

Who is this for?

Anyone looking for a ready-made way to build their list (and earn bonus commissions 😎) should join the Associate Program. 

Particularly if you’re in the marketing niche…

Marketing agencies / marketing consultants

If you run a marketing agency, our Associate Program might just be the perfect way to scale your business…

  • Get your foot in the door with new prospects: giving away free marketing guides is one of the most effective ways to approach potential clients.
  • Get instant authority with potential clients: by putting your name on the latest marketing techniques, you can show your prospects you have your finger on the pulse without spending hours creating original content…
  • Upsell high-ticket marketing services: once someone opts in for one of your growth hacks, you can upsell related services. For example, if you give away the Facebook Birthday Method you could offer to run ads for your leads to implement the method.
  • Add a passive-income revenue stream to your business: as well as generating leads for your marketing services, the Associate Program opens up a new passive revenue stream- as you’ll earn recurring commissions from any leads who sign up to Wishloop via your growth hacks.

Affiliate marketers / internet marketers

Whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer looking for new lead-generation material, or a complete newbie looking to make your first sale online – our Associate Program gives you a short-cut for growing your list & making commissions…

  • Create lead-gen funnels in seconds, not days: rebrand the latest marketing techniques in 1-click to create high-quality personalized lead-magnets; give them away with our ready-to-use optin templates
  • Social media-friendly content for generating leads: our Growth Hacks are perfect for giving away on the social media platforms – which all love good content. This means you can build your authority and list for free!
  • Build a more engaged list: by putting your name on high-quality content, you’ll build authority & trust with your leads; so they’ll be more likely to open & click your emails. Which ultimately means you’ll make more sales.
  • Earn recurring commissions: Just add your affiliate link to the settings, and start earning recurring commissions from all your referrals… 

How do you get started?

The Associate Program is free to join for all Wishloop users. You can have your first personalized lead-gen funnel live in under 3 minutes…”

(…not a Wishloop user? Get a lifetime Wishloop account here)

Here’s how to get started in 5 simple steps:

  1. Become an affiliate.

    First up, join our affiliate scheme so that you get paid recurring commissions when any of your leads purchase a Wishloop subscription (…it will only take you 2 minutes to become an affiliate)
  1. Complete your Associate settings.

    Login to your Wishloop account and navigate to the “Associate Settings” (under Account Settings in the left pane in the Dashboard). Add your affiliate link, your name & image – and you’re ready to go…
  1. Rebrand any Growth Hack and generate your own personalized lead magnet in seconds.

    Click “Rebrand”, then select the growth hack you want to rebrand, choose a domain to publish it on, and enter a URL path. Then hit “Rebrand now”. This will create a personalized version of the growth hack – especially for you to share with your audience 😍
  1. Create your call-to-action (optin page or popup).

    Select the squeeze page or popup template for your Growth Hack, and customize your design in the drag-and-drop builder. Add your autoresponder to the optin form to collect email leads.
  1. Share your call-to-action and start growing your list.

    Finally, share your lead magnet with your audience to generate leads. Personalized lead magnets are a perfect match for social media. The social networks love good content, and you’ll be rewarded with likes, shares, and comments. Which means you get more eyeballs on your offer (…at no extra cost)

This whole process takes a matter of minutes to complete – so why not create your first lead-gen funnel now?

So to recap… 

The Wishloop Associate Program gives you an easy yet super-powerful way to grow your list and make commissions with Wishloop.

  • 1-click personalized lead magnets: 

Instantly create premium lead magnets without having to spend hours writing your own content, by putting your name on our growth hacks

  • Ready-to-use optin templates: 

Give away your personalized lead magnets and grow your list with our customizable lead-gen templates 

  • Built-in monetization: 

Earn recurring commissions without personally selling anything, whenever any of your leads purchase a Wishloop subscription

Get a lifetime Wishloop license and become a Wishloop Associate now

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