3 Tips (and Templates) to Help your Business Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are staying safe and well during this challenging time.

Here at Wishloop we’re all working remotely, so we’d like to assure you that our service will continue as normal.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are having to rapidly adapt to deal with the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic…

  • Social distancing/ Working from home
  • Changing consumer behaviour (…people avoiding certain places, panic buying etc…)
  • Disruptions to global and local supply chains

…you’re probably wondering how all these changes will affect your business. And how long it’s going to last… 

The Coronavirus is a Black Swan event that’s left many businesses blind-sided

The truth is, nobody has all the answers. And every business will be impacted differently.

But we want to give you a few general tips (and templates) to help you navigate your business through this uncertain time…

#1 Keep your Customers/ Clients informed

Most importantly, now more than ever, you need to keep your communication channels flowing.  

Almost every customer or prospect engaging with you right now is thinking about the coronavirus in some way. 

Don’t try to avoid the elephant in the room. 

Tell your customers/ clients if Covid-19 is impacting your business – and explain how it will affect your services in the coming months.

According to Multichannelmerchant, “Amazon, UPS, and FedEx have all been announcing delivery delays caused by spikes in online ordering related to coronavirus concerns.”

If it affects your service in any way, inform your visitors. If not, you should still make a note, so they will not worry about it.

Inform your website visitors with on-site messaging

With our pre-made templates, you can quickly and clearly inform your website visitors of your current operational status – and generate new leads at the same time. 

Here’s two templates we’ve created today. So feel free to import these to your Wishloop account and customise to your requirements

Your business may not be able to operate at full steam right now, but you can still capture emails from website visitors, who you can then follow up with at a later date

Send an email to your customers

It’s also worth sending informative emails to your customers where you give updates about your business, share what actions you’re taking, and provide some tips and suggestions. 

For example, you can advise customers / clients to:

  • Order online instead of going to your offline store
  • Pre-order their usual products now, while you have no delivery problems
  • Conduct virtual meetings rather than meeting face-to-face
  • And so on

You can send a simple notification email as well to inform your customers that you will continue to operate at full capacity

#2 Focus on providing value

Most businesses run promotions throughout the year to acquire new customers and grow revenue.

As we’re in very unusual circumstances right now, it’s a good idea to rethink your promotion schedule. Some promotions may no longer be relevant – or even possible. 

Come up with some new ideas that are more relevant during this time…

For example, you can create helpful giveaways or articles for your blog that relate to your niche…

  • Marketing agencies/ consultants: provide tips on how to work from home and run operations remotely (see the rebrandable ebook we’ve prepared below. Simply add your logo to this and send it to your customers)
  • Ecommerce businesses: Run special offers on items that customers are more likely to need right now to show you understand their situation. 
    • For example, If you have a food blog, you can share recipes for quarantine that last a long time. 

If you sell disinfectant gels in your store, it could be another great, relevant offer to give away a smaller jar of hand sanitizer for every purchase made.

  • Offline businesses: If you’re a personal trainer, you could share exercise routines that people can practise from home in isolation
  • etc…

You may not profit directly from providing value, but you’ll help people in a difficult time and build a lot of good will in the process. They’ll remember the value you provided, and you’ll be rewarded in the long-run…

Download rebrandable ebook and landing page template

Rebrand this free ebook to give to your customers.

#3 Pivot your business & target new audiences

Remember, every person and business will be affected in a different way, and you should adapt your business model accordingly…

Some of your customers/ clients are seeing their lives and businesses turned upside-down. Others may be largely unaffected.

Put simply, this means some of your target customers have a lot less spending power right now – while others might have more…

For example, while the coronavirus has a critical impact on global supply chains, eCommerce revenue may be boosted, as consumers stay away from physical stores. 

Since many consumers are trying to avoid shopping centers and grocery stores, we can expect growth in online shopping. 

In fact, Contentsquare analyzed more than 1,400 websites, and they found that over the last two weeks, premium online grocery purchases have grown by 20%, and healthcare product purchases have grown by 27%.

While we can see a boost in some industries, unfortunately, not every industry is that lucky…

Travel, hotel, and tourism bookings are down, and outdoor items purchases (e.g. sports equipment) have also dramatically decreased in the last month – and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future…

  • Marketing agencies/ consultants: Adjust your ad targeting to reflect the changes in spending-power. Help your clients to move as much of their operations online as possible. 
  • E-commerce businesses: depending on your niche, this may be the time to scale UP your online advertising, while others are scaling down. Why? Because Facebook ad prices are at an all-time low… It’s been years since clicks were this cheap.  Plus, your potential customers are probably staying at home, with all their attention focused on their screen — such as Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. What does this all mean? It means this is an unprecedented opportunity to advertise your business online.
  • Offline businesses: consider which of your products/ services could be delivered remotely. For example, a language school in my local town is now conducting “virtual lessons” in place of physical classrooms. This could be applied to various other services – from cooking classes to personal training sessions. Get creative!

For our part, we realize that right now millions of people are looking for new ways to make a living online – whether it’s through affiliate marketing, selling their own info product, or providing online consultancy. 

We’re therefore working on new ways to build an online income with Wishloop working 100% from home. 

Watch this space!


How is the Coronavirus impacting your business? What changes are you making to your business in response?

Let us know in the comments below.

And let’s continue to help each other get through this difficult time together.

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