Wishloop Feedback Results 2017

Hey Wishloopers.

Some of you will be aware that between Christmas and the new year we carried out a customer survey.

Big thanks to all who took part in this.

As you all know, we’re dedicated to improving Wishloop and your customer feedback is an essential part of this process.

Today I want to provide some highlights from your feedback, as well as provide a few insights into what we’re working on right now.

This is the first part of a series of 2-3 posts which will also cover what you can expect from Wishloop in the next 12 months.

All good posts like this start with a quick summary of where we’re at now, so lets dig into the survey results.

1. Most of you love Wishloop!

One of the key things we wanted to discover was just how likely our users would be to recommend Wishloop.

Happily over 75% of users would be very likely (5) or likely (4) to recommend us to their friends.  We think this is a great result.

Breaking this down, we were also keen to get a sense of which of the 4 Wishloop apps were the most popular, so we asked users to score each one out of 5 (users could also respond with NA if they didn’t have that app.)

The results show that, as in previous years, Engage is our most popular app.  However the difference in scores across the apps are smaller than they have been in the past.

Wishloop Share has the highest percentage of ambivalent users (scoring the app a 3), whereas Capture has the highest percentage of people giving it a score of 1 or 2, this perhaps reflects the fact that Capture is currently unable to create long form landing pages.

2. Product Market Fit

One of the key metrics that any SaaS company wants to score well on is Product Market Fit.

Essentially this metric looks at how attractive a product is to a market and is an indicator of how likely that business is to be able to sustainably scale up their user base.

We used the well know Sean Ellis test to measure our product market fit.

Ellis, widely attributed as the father of the ‘growth hacking’ movement, described product/market fit as the most crucial stage in a development phase of a start-up, and the foundation which has to be in place before the company could effectively grow.

Here’s how Wishloop stacks up:

This is a great result!

Sean Ellis has asked this exact same question to users of 100s of startups and his findings are:

If you find that over 40% of your users are saying that they would be “very disappointed” without your product, there is a great chance you can build sustainable, scalable customer acquisition growth on this “must have” product.

In other words, companes with a PMF score of 40% or more (i.e. the percentage of users who would be very disappointed if they couldn’t use the product ) were those who were generally able to sustainably scale the businesses; those significantly below 40% always seem to struggle.

With a score of 54%, we’re very happy with where we’re at and the future looks rosy indeed.  This is also a big deal for those of you running Wishloop agencies as it shows the product is both in demand and ready to scale!

But we’re not not resting on our laurels.  With the improvements we’re currently working on, we only expect our PMF score to increase this year.

3. Qualitative Feedback

Of course, numbers and percentages are one thing, but we really wanted to get a better understanding of what you think we did well this year and what we didn’t do well.

The good:

  1. One of our most highly regarded updates from 2017 was the introduction of our stats dashboard as a way to give our users an overview into the best performing campaigns as well as those that are in need of some TLC.

2. The all-in-one nature of the Wishloop platform – our users love the ability to access a range of different conversion optimisation functions on a single platform, without multiple logins or operating systems.

3. The ease of integration with other platforms and systems – examples of positive comments from customers include our easy to use WordPress plugin, the ease of adding tracking and retargeting pixels into campaigns, and the ease of HTML embeds and autoresponder integrations.

4. The quality and consistency of Wishloop’s product support – this is nothing particular to this survey, we’ve had this feedback for years.  In an industry where many products seem to be abandoned almost the day after the launch period ends, we really stand out!  This is complimented by the speed with which queries are resolved (less than 6 hours average across 2017!)

Its not all plain sailing though, your feedback has also provided some areas for improvement…

The not so good:

1. The need for more templates (clearly we still have a lot of users with legacy licences who don’t have access to the Wishloop Template Club!)  Several respondents also highlighted that they’d love to see a function to share templates between user accounts.  The requests are based on similar functions in Clickfunnels and Convertri [NOW DELIVERED!]

2. Despite the positive feedback about our new stats page, there were still comments about the availability of more advanced reports and admin functions in the backend of the platform.  We welcome further feedback on this (message support@wishloop.com) – What functions would make your Wishloop lives easier?

3. The absence of direct integrations with some other social media platforms.  Examples most frequently mentioned include LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.  We have been aware of this for a while now – As Wishloop Share (formerly ‘Speedleads’ is something of the ‘junior’ application on the platform, we have underestimated the amount of use our customers get from it.  There’s some good news on this front though as we’re currently beta-testing our new LinkedIn integration, and will explore options for other social platform integrations (including ones that are still up-and-coming) as the year progresses!

4. Occasional issues with the interface between Share Scheduler and Social Media platforms, which can lead to cancelled campaigns sometimes. We are working on this already – further info to be provided very soon!

4. Milestones

Long time Wishloop users may recall I like to include some stats on Wishloop usage whenever I write a post like this.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Wishloop has now helped generate leads for 15,081 Customers…
  • …who have used Wishloop to grow 57 Thousand email lists to Wishloop!
  • We’ve served over 153 Million popup impressions…
  • …and more 71 Million squeeze page impressions…
  • …resulting in 17.4 Million conversions!

These usage stats are AMAZING!

So a massive “thank you” to everyone who’s been part of this story so far 🙂

We’re not resting on our laurels though…

We’re working away to improve the platform and add new features.

5. What’s coming next:

Whilst we have a number of exciting things in development, the next update we’ll be launching is a huge overhaul to Wishloop’s Share app.

We’re also working on a brand new website and blog.

I’ll have more info on these two developments in the next post in this series.  This should be ready in the next week or two.  Can’t wait to share the details on the updates to Wishloop Share, its probably the biggest upgrade to the platform we’ve done to date!

So watch this space for more info.

Till then, happy converting and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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