So I teased this in my last post, but we’ve been hard at work improving the mobile experience for our customers.

Its still a work in progress with more updates to come, but the first batch of updates was released earlier this week.

We’re super pleased with the results, so lets get straight into the juicy details:

1. Mobile builder optimisations – Amplify, Capture and Engage

We have radically improved both the front end display and the mobile builder.

Whilst there are a number of changes, I’ll mention the ones you’ll be able to see:

A) Element autosize.  

We’re employing some new super cool AI to automatically detect screensize and scale text and other elements to best fit.

While most other web design solutions make you manually set font sizes for mobile display (which can get tedious real fast), we wanted to be able to offer a solution where this was all handled auto-magically for you.

Anything which speeds up deployment of campaigns whilst also ensuring they look as good as possible for all users is a win-win, and we think we’ve nailed it.

Here’s some before and after pictures so you can see how the changes look:

B) Images can now be resized for mobile output.

This is a nice addition, as if using a large image on the desktop variation you can now make the image smaller for mobile display.

This screenshot shows how easy it is to scale your images for mobile devices:

C) Font auto-alignment.  You can see this in the before/after pics above, all text will now be centred by default on mobile devices.

This goes for standard headline and paragraph text as well as other text found on buttons, form fields, etc…

A small change, but one with high impact.

2. Facebook Instant Articles optimisation – Share

Facebook is always keeping us on our toes with their continual updates.  One of the most notable updates they’ve released recently is Instant Articles.

Many big publishers have already made the switch to Instant Articles which means that when you click a link to these articles from your mobile newsfeed, the article itself opens within Facebook’s Instant articles ecosystem, instead of within a regular browser.

Until recently, this meant that any Call to actions created via Wishloop Share wouldn’t work on mobile for any publishers with Instant Articles enabled 🙁

Happily, this is no longer the case.

This is how we felt when we cracked this one!

We will be releasing more platform-wide upgrades in the coming weeks so watch this space!

That’s all for now

Happy converting!

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