Seven Easy Tricks to Write Catchy Headlines

There are lots of different types of headlines and you can combine their principles in an infinite number of ways, but certain tricks have proven themselves repeatedly for many years.

Next time you have to write a headline, try one of these easy, but powerful “headline formulas” to give yourself an edge and convince your audience to read and reply to your copy. At the very least, they’ll certainly inspire you to get creative and write a headline that works best for you.

Keep it simple and direct .

Direct headlines go straight to the heart of the matter without trying to sound intrigue or clever. They don’t try to explain, play with words, or make a joke. They hit the point, and are best for known brands on the market, or strong offers for products and services the customers are familiar with.

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Clearly state what’s the big benefit.

If you can, always try to transform the benefit your post offers into a headline. The readers want to satisfy certain need, this need motivates them into learning – your content tries to give them those answers; why won’t the headline tell them right away the big benefit they’ll have if they read your copy? A headline like this targets the right audience, and even if they don’t visit your blog or website to read the article, they’ve at least seen your best selling point.

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Announce exciting news

It’s in our nature to be curious. Bring the exciting news to your readers in the headline and it will most certainly grab their attention. What you discuss in the post doesn’t necessarily have to be a new topic; it can just be a new way of seeing the topic again, maybe introducing some new elements or events that recently happened and threw a new light on the matter. The same applies when writing headlines for product or service advertising copies. Try to cast the headline to imply news to the reader.

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Appeal to human’s “how-to” instinct in the headline.

We all want to improve ourselves and

the life we live in some way. You can write a headline that focuses on these needs and wants we have and promises to fulfill them. But be careful because the content must also highlight that final benefit or result. Also, try to avoid including the process into the headline since it tends to sound more like a lot of work instead of speaking about people’s real motivations. For example, alternatively to  How to start a full-time home job?  try with  How to make money while working from home? , or:

  • How to stop smoking in a month … or get your money back
  • How to Profit from the 3 Best Service Businesses of the Decade!

Ask a provocative question in the headline.

Questions get your readers involved, but to use them in a catchy headline they cannot be random or clever; instead, they should be directly and clearly related to the story your post tells or the service and product you offer and their major benefits. These questions should also urge the reader to answer with  yes , or at least get interested in finding out more.

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Tell your reader what to do.

Try with a command headline – be direct, provide a benefit, and tell your readers what they need to do in a way that’s acceptable for them. These headlines aren’t conversational, but have proven very successful in situations where such approach is applicable.

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Offer useful information.

Although we’ve all been taught that people are eager for more information, this actually isn’t completely true. What we want isn’t information, but tricks, steps, hints, rules that will help us gain control, a sense of order and predictability in our lives. Offer this to your readers in the headline and deliver the promised in your content – the readers will appreciate it.

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  • The best kept secrets of cooking
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SO – what do you think?. If you’ve got any better ideas, let the General know in the comment box below

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