Introducing The Wishloop White Label Software Program…

Are you looking to…

  • Start your own online business that you can run from anywhere in the world?
  • License a white label software that you can re-sell under your own brand?
  • Add a passive revenue stream to your existing business?
  • Build a recurring income system that you can grow every month?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then I’d like to introduce you to our flagship program

Introducing the Wishloop White Label Software Partner Program

Everything You Need to Run Your Own Profitable Software Subscription Business

everything you need to run your white label software business

The Wishloop Partner Program gives you a genuine short-cut to having your own white-label software business…

And in this article, I want to share with you:

  • WHY we created the White-Label Partner Program (and why it’s such a big opportunity right now…)
  • WHAT you get with the Partner Program to give you the best chance of success…
  • HOW to get started – and launch your new white label software business in the next 7 days…

Why We Created Our White Label Program

The Wishloop Partner Program lets you build your own software brand around our proven technology and business model.

But before we dive into the details of what’s included, I’d like to share why we decided to open up our platform to Partners…

First and foremost, we wanted to provide other entrepreneurs with the same opportunity that gave us our “big break”…

So let me share how we built our own software business from scratch…

We didn’t start out as a software business.

Actually – when Stu (my business partner) and I decided to start a business together in 2011, we didn’t have a clue what we were going to sell…

We just had a vague idea of offering “digital marketing services”. And a belief that we could make “something” work…

Nonetheless, keen to land our first clients as soon as possible, we pressed ahead:

…Printed out some flyers offering some online marketing services – things like web-design, SEO, social media management, etc….

…And dropped them at a bunch of local businesses…

Pretty old-school, I know!

But this led to us winning our first couple of clients – and got the ball rolling with our business 🙂

Growing Pains

However the euphoria of making our first sales quickly subsided as the reality of running a local marketing agency kicked in…

Above all, we faced a few big obstacles to scaling our Agency:

  • Personally Selling: I hate making sales pitches! Really I think most people find personal selling uncomfortable.  Which can put you in a tough spot if you run a marketing Agency – because people need to buy from you, or you won’t be in business for very long…
  • Client Management: Once you land a client, you can’t rest on your laurels.  You need to nurture the relationship – understand their business, identify their marketing needs, manage expectations, ensure they’re happy with the deliverables, and so on.  This all sucks up a lot of your time and energy…
  • Service Delivery: Then, of course, you actually have to do the work (web design, campaign management, etc…) – and this often involves going back and forth with your clients to keep things on spec, with delays waiting for feedback, and multiple revisions…

If you run your own marketing Agency, I bet these issues sound all-too-familiar to you!

It’s fair to say that if running a business is like running a marathon, then we’d hit “the wall”…

The excitement of running our own “business”, quickly faded into the background as the reality of the hard grind involved sank in.

And guess what: we were doing more work than ever. Working till 3AM, weekends. If you’ve been there then you know what I’m talking about.

The basic problem? We were trading our time for cash…

We had no passive way of generating income – so the second we stopped working, we stopped making money.

In other words, we were the bottleneck is our business.

And this meant we couldn’t scale beyond the few clients we could personally manage.

Outsourcing The Answer?

Now some clever people will no doubt jump in and shout “OUTSOURCE” at us…

We did.

We hired lots of people – designers, content creators, various dev teams, marketers…

… built systems, automated processes and tracked everything with task management software: Trello, Asana, Teamwork, Monday, Basecamp – we tried them all.

But guess what?  We failed.

Well not exactly. Things were better than before. We at least got to spend weekends with our families, and even the odd evening.

But what we hadn’t anticipated was that our stress levels would go through the roof…

When we were just working for ourselves, we were in full control. If a client needed something doing by Friday then we knew if that was doable as it was us that would need to squeeze it in.

In contrast, with an outsourced and virtual team, it was a nightmare.

For example, what if our designer was offline, or had another job on for another client? Or our developer was sick? What if there was a gap in our systems that caused a client to fall through the cracks (guilty as charged)?

outsourcing not the answer
After a while, we realized that this was even worse than when we were the bottlenecks.

We couldn’t escape the feeling that there had to be a better way…

So in 2013, we started looking for a new business model: a way to generate passive recurring income from our clients & free us up to work “on” our business – not just “in” our business.

And we made a decision that completely transformed our business: We shifted our focus to a digital subscription model…

The Digital Subscription Revolution

Have you noticed the big shift in the way we consume media today?

Take video, for example. Nobody rents movies from Blockbuster anymore; they subscribe to Netflix instead, right?

Compared to Blockbuster, Netflix has much lower physical overheads AND higher lifetime customer value…due to its subscription model.  No wonder Netflix crushed its competition!

Likewise with music. Hardly anyone buys physical CDs anymore; they subscribe to Spotify, iTunes or Amazon Music instead, right?

You get the idea.

The same is true of all software products: businesses don’t buy software on CDs anymore; they subscribe to Software as a Services (SaaS), paying a monthly fee for continued access…

SaaS expenditure 2010-2017
In fact, the average company now pays for over 20 software subscriptions.
And that’s doubling annually!

Indeed, according to Transparency Market Research (TMR):

  • The SaaS market grew 20.3% in 2016 to 37.7 billion
  • The SaaS market will surpass $112.8 billion by 2019
  • The market will reach $164.29 billion by 2022!

In other words, the SaaS market is going to quadruple in the next 5 years!

We wanted to take advantage of this huge trend!

Specifically, we wanted to build a marketing software (SaaS) that businesses could use to generate leads, for a monthly subscription…  

“Subscription Stacking”

What got us most excited about having our own SaaS was the potential growth we could achieve with a small number of monthly sales…

For example, imagine having your own software, which you charge customers $100 per month to access…

To grow your monthly revenue by $1,000 per month, you just need to add 10 new subscribers each month, right?

But here’s the cool thing: whilst the number of sales you make each month stays the same (10 sales), your monthly revenue actually GROWS 🙂

Why? Because you’re “stacking” your subscriptions…

In other words, for each subscriber, you only have to make the sale once, but they keep paying you to use the product every month.

Pretty awesome right?

white label SaaS cumulative growth chart
…So in Month 1, you make $1000; Month 2: $2000; Month 3: $3000… and so on…

(In contrast, with a non-subscription model, if you get the same number of sales each month, your revenue stays the same. Your profits may even decrease if the cost of ads goes up.)

In other words, a good SaaS is the most effective way to generate a scalable recurring income online; revenue you can grow, month after month.

But let’s not pretend that there isn’t a HUGE barrier to entry…

The Problem

What do you have to do to start a Software Business from scratch?

First, you have to come up with an idea for a new product and validate the idea. Then you need to spec it out; hire a developer to build it; test it; launch it to a small beta group of users…

And that’s the easy part…

With a bit of luck, by this point, you’d have a software that users love.

But this is when the real work begins… Building the systems to continually maintain and develop the product to keep up with customer demands, feature requests and the ever-changing pace of the industry at large.

So as you can imagine, building & running a software business from the ground up takes a lot of time, expertise, and money…

How to “Fast-track” Your Own Software Subscription Business

Neither Stu nor myself are developers.  And we didn’t have the time or money to hire a development team to build us a software from scratch.

So we needed a way to jumpstart our SaaS business…

That is to say, a way to skip the costly, time-consuming (and risky) development stage… and go straight to marketing and sales for a proven product.

The answer came to us in an unexpected format – a late night webinar that we actually watched together.  (We actually live 200 miles apart, but this was an occasion when we were sitting in the same room).

The webinar was about offering SMS marketing services to local businesses. And at the end, the presenter pitched a white label license for his SMS software…

This was the first time we were introduced to the concept of “white-label software”.

And it was brilliant: Leverage the power of someone else’s hard work, but instantly have a product to rebrand and resell as your OWN?!

white label business opportunity

We were sold!

We knew that by adding our own software to our existing services we could build a passive income stream into our business. And also position ourselves as an authority and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So even though the software wasn’t exactly what we wanted, we decided to buy it anyway – just to get a better understanding of how the business model worked.

Although we didn’t actually pursue this particular software, we now knew what we needed to do: find a good white label software program…

What are the key benefits of having a white label software business?

  • Instantly have your own branded asset
  • No physical overheads
  • Global reach + Huge market
  • Mitigating traffic costs
  • Recurring Income
  • “Subscription Stacking” = Cumulative growth
  • Easy Automation

Learn more: The top 7 benefits of having a white label software business

Our First White Label Software Success

So skip forward a few weeks and, re-armed with the kind of focus that often comes with this kind of big-picture epiphany, we searched for “white label software” opportunities…

…And found an offer for a white label Facebook Tab creator, for building custom landing pages inside Facebook.

(…through our work with local businesses, we knew there was a huge demand for software to help with Facebook marketing)

We now had a high-value asset to brand as our own, and offer as a subscription service to our clients.

It suddenly felt like we had a solid business.

Having our own branded software gave us instant authority. And this instantly gave us more focus and motivation…

In the 2 weeks that followed, we:

  • Came up with our own brand name (“Fanboom”)
  • Designed our logo…
  • Built a website…
  • Wrote some copy about our Facebook marketing services…
  • And launched our first software business!

We subsequently got our 3 local clients to subscribe to Fanboom.

But our business really took off when we discovered the world of affiliate marketing. Suddenly our potential market exploded, from our local area to ANY business online…

By partnering with affiliates who had large email lists of marketers based all around the world, we were able to grow Fanboom up to over 5000 users, and more importantly, 500 subscribers, within a year!

Finally, we’d built a 5-figure/month software business that we could run anywhere in the world. And best of all, we’d done all this without needing our own development team!

However, in late 2014 disaster struck…

Facebook redesigned their UI, placing more emphasis on the Newsfeed. This made the Page Tabs feature redundant. And so Fanboom had to be discontinued 🙁

Fortunately, running Fanboom had given us the money and knowledge to develop our own platforms…

So in 2015, we partnered with a gifted young developer – Ayoub. We’d seen some of his previous work and were frankly blown away. It was way ahead of anything we’d seen at the time.

So together we developed and launched a marketing SaaS of our own: Wishloop…

Fast forward a few years…

…And Wishloop has generated over 23 million leads for 25,000+ customers worldwide!

And now we want to give other entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own software business around our proven platform…

The Opportunity to Partner With Us

With our White Label Partner Program, you can leverage the Wishloop platform to run your own in-demand software subscription business – without the usual technical headaches…

A few savvy users have asked us why we’d want to introduce “competitors” into the marketplace…

Surely we’re better off selling directly to end users, keeping all the profits for ourselves, right?

But that’s not how we see it.  And here’s why…

Even though the Wishloop Platform has over 25,000 users, the truth is that we’ve barely scratched the surface.  We’ve not even reached 0.001% of our potential market!

You see, the market is HUGE – far too big for us alone. It would take years, decades even, to reach every niche and potential customer on our own.

To put this into context, here are a few mind-boggling stats:

  • There are 28.2 million small businesses in the USA alone! – (Source: Forbes)
  • 78% of small businesses have a website – (Source: 2016)
  • 96% of SMBs say they use social media in their marketing strategy (Source: SocialMediaExaminer, 2018)
  • 66% of businesses say that finding new customers is a top concern(Source: Blue Corona, 2018)

Any business with a website and/or social media presence is a potential customer. Therefore, there are millions of potential customers out there.

And remember, the SaaS market is going to quadruple in the next 5 years…

So we figured: we can either grow slowly, keeping all the profits to ourselves. Or we can take advantage of this huge opportunity: expand our reach by opening up the platform to partners…

In other words: we grow whilst enabling you to grow with us!

So this is not about cutting the pie into more and more (smaller) pieces. This is about increasing the size of the pie for all of us.

It’s a “win-win”, as they say.

And according to Stephen R. Covey, one of the foremost authorities on both leadership and productivity, creating win-win situations is one of the keys to success.

In his famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

“Covey coined the idea of abundance mentality or abundance mindset, a concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others.”

(Source: Wikipedia)

Therefore, we’ve designed our White Label Program to give our Partners the best chance of success…

Why Choose Wishloop for your White-Label Software Business?

We designed our Partner Program to be different from the average white label offer… Because we know from personal experience that a lot of SaaS white label/reseller programs don’t work!

This is usually because:

  • The service is not in demand or too gimmicky to stand the test of time
  • You receive no help with set-up or marketing
  • The software is not up-to-scratch, full of bugs with no active development team around to fix them 🙁

So what makes The Wishloop Partner Program different?

First and foremost, Wishloop lets you give businesses what they want, AND need!

As mentioned above, pretty much every business now has some kind of online presence…

But what business owners want – and need – is leads and sales, right?  And this is what they’re struggling with…

In fact, according to HubSpot:

  • Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates
  • And 65% of businesses say “Generating Leads” is their main challenge (Source: HubSpot)

Lead generation is the #1 challenge businesses face right now.


Because they’re not doing lead generation and remarketing properly. They’re not capturing email and re-targeting leads at every possible opportunity.

As a result, they’re losing 30% + revenue on their websites & social media pages (and most don’t even realize it).

Wishloop gives users the tools to boost conversions and generate leads across all their marketing channels – from their website to their Facebook Page…

Therefore, with the Wishloop Partner Program, you can offer a solution to the biggest problem businesses face today…

become a hero to your customers with white label software

If you solve your customers’ biggest problem – you’re their hero! Wishloop White label lets you offer a complete social media and lead-generation service to businesses, under your own brand 🙂

And did I mention… Wishloop has already generated over 23 million leads from 25,000+ businesses worldwide.

So you’re putting your name on a proven, in-demand product. 🙂

See what Wishloop customers say here:

Some of the 1,000s of happy Wishloop customers

Removing The Usual Technical Barriers

A lot of white label software businesses fail to get off the ground because they’re not supported in the set-up process. As a result, it takes them months & months to get their business sales-ready and crucial momentum is lost…

We want all Wishloop Partners to leapfrog this first hurdle…

So to make sure you hit the ground running, we’re including full 1-to-1 set-up: everything from mapping the software to your domain to creating your white label software website and connecting your payment system…

…So we can guarantee that your business will be completely ready-to-profit within 7 days!

Visitors can then sign up on your site, start a trial of the software, upgrade to a paying customer… and those subscriptions will be going into your bank account 🙂

Once your business is up and running, you want to have confidence that your software will be maintained and stay up-to-date, right?

Well, we’ve designed our Partner Program so that all the technical stuff is handled our side. So you can just focus on getting subscribers.

Basically, even though the software looks like it’s under your brand and is on your website, all the backend code is stored on Wishloop servers – so you’ll automatically get bug fixes and upgrades…

And we’re constantly adding new features and updates to keep Wishloop ahead of the game. In the last year alone, we’ve added iQueue (our smart social scheduler) and Workspaces (for Agencies to manages clients).

Wishloop = white label software that won't leave you stranded
We won’t leave you stranded! All the technology is handled our side. So you’ll never have to worry about hosting, updates, or bug fixes

What’s Included with The Wishloop Partner Program?

In summary, we’re giving you the opportunity to leverage our in-demand technology, our knowledge, and technical team AND still have the freedom to create your own branding and pricing…

So here’s exactly what you’ll get:

wishloop white label software summary
Everything you need to start and grow your white label software business

=> Check out the full White Label Partner Offer here

Wishloop Partner Case Studies

The best part about launching our Partner Program has been seeing other entrepreneurs build profitable software businesses around our technology.

We’ve seen successful Partners from various backgrounds – from seasoned local marketers looking to add a passive-income stream to their Agencies, to personal trainers starting their first online venture…

Here are a few of our Partner success stories:

CASE STUDY #1: Technical “Novice” Dave Parker Builds 4-Figure/Month Software Business in Under 30 Days

Dave Parker was working full-time in a 9 to 5 when he joined the Partner Program a couple of months ago, to earn extra income for his family.

Despite not having a marketing or software background, Dave is a brilliant strategic action-taker… As soon as his website was set up, he started targeting potential ‘high-ticket’ subscribers: marketing agencies…

A marketing agency that provides lead-generation and social media marketing services to multiple clients will pay up to $500/month for a Workspace Plan (see the Wishloop Plans that you can offer under your own branding here). So after landing just 3 agencies as subscribers (by giving them 1-to-1 demo on skype) Dave already has a 4-figure per month business!

CASE STUDY #2: Marketing Consultant Miles Austin adds Passive Revenue Stream to his Agency

Miles Austin has been a Wishloop Partner since we first beta-tested the Program in 2016 🙂

As a Marketing Consultant, Miles works with a variety of different businesses to optimize their online marketing. As such, he originally used Wishloop as an everyday end-user – to generate leads for his clients.

At the same time, he was looking for a high-quality white label marketing software to open up a passive revenue stream.  So when he saw the opportunity to sell Wishloop under his own brand, he jumped at the chance…  And he’s not looked back since!

Miles tried numerous white label software programs before Wishloop – but this is the first one he’s has been happy to put his name on.

See what he has to say about our Partner Program:

Miles Austin talks about his experience with the Wishloop Partner Program

CASE STUDY #3: Local Marketing Agency Owner Cory Chauvin Lands First Monthly Subscriber in Just 48 Hours

Like Miles, Cory was using Wishloop with clients and at the same time looking to start his own SaaS business. So when he discovered the Wishloop White Label Program it was “like lightening-in-a-bottle”…

For Cory, Wishloop is the perfect white label software to complement his Marketing Agency…

Now 3 weeks into the Program – he’s already converted a few of his local clients onto monthly software subscriptions (…providing a passive-revenue stream to his business 🙂

So we sat down to chat with Cory about his experience landing his first subscribers…

Watch Cory describe how he landed his first software subscribers here

CASE STUDY #4: Former Personal Trainer Shane Brooks Builds 5-Figure/Month software business in 13 Months

Just a few years ago, Shane was working full-time as a personal trainer, before looking to online marketing to make some extra cash.  Shane became a Partner at Wishloop around 13 months ago, and in this short period of time, he’s built a 5-figure per month business (with over 110 paying subscribers).

We were so impressed with how Shane applied our business model & training, we asked him to put together a web-class to show other potential Partners what’s possible…

See how Shane is generating $11,000+ per month with our white label software program here

How to Start Your New White Label Software Business in The Next 7 Days

next steps to becoming a wishloop white label partner
You can grow your business to 5- or 6-figure per year, just by adding a few new subscribers each month

Interested in joining the Wishloop Partner Program?

Here are the next steps…

Step #1: Access the Wishloop Partner Program mini-site

To get started, visit our white label hub and enter your email address to access our Partnership mini site which contains all the info on the Wishloop Partner Program.

Step #2: Consider and discuss

The mini-site will provide you with partner case studies, our partner Profit Calculator, a demo of the Wishloop white label Platform, FAQs and more. So that you can make an informed decision as to whether the Wishloop partner program is for you.

And if you have any other questions, drop us a message via the blue chat button in the bottom right of this page to book a call or chat with us 1-to-1.

Our non-salesy Partnership exploration are available to help you decide if the Wishloop partner program is a good fit for you.

Step #3: Become a Wishloop Partner

Once you become a Wishloop Partner, our team will quickly get to work to re-brand Wishloop under your branding; set the app up your domain; build your website under your brand; and set-up your payment system.

Get started today and you can be ready for new customers 7 days from now…

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