Q: What exactly is the Wishloop Partner Program?

The Wishloop Partner Program gives you everything you need to launch & run your own Software Subscription Business (without needing to worry about any of the technical stuff)…

Here’s exactly what you get:   

  • #1: Full 1-to-1 White Label Set-up & ongoing support (VALUE=$2,997)
  • #2: Done-For-You White Label SaaS Website & Payment system (VALUE = $1,997)
  • #3: Traffic & Conversion Training (VALUE = $697)
  • #4: High-value Lead Magnets (VALUE = $497)
  • #5: Client Finder Software (VALUE = $297)
  • #6: Re-brandable Sales Webinars (VALUE = $497)
  • #7: Customizable onboarding sequences (VALUE = $297)
  • #8: Premium Template Library (VALUE = $997)
  • #9: White Label Knowledge Base (VALUE = $997)
  • #10: Reseller Starter Pack (VALUE = $97/month)

See the full Partner Program offer

In other words, you’ll get a premium software rebranded and mapped to a domain of your choice – PLUS a website & payment system already installed. So you can start making money right out of the gate.

That’s a pretty powerful package, right?

But not only that: you’re also getting all the training and support you need to make sure your business is a success.

Q: Who is the Partner Program for?

In short, anyone who wants to build a subscription business around a proven software platform. The Partner Program is a great fit for:

  • Local Marketers/ Agency Owners – Add a passive income stream to your business. Give yourself instant authority with new prospects as the founder of your own software brand.
  • Affiliate Marketers – Build your list & reputation (the free trial is a perfect lead magnet!). And get affiliates to mail YOUR product for recurring commissions…
  • Business Opportunity Seekers – Start your own online business based around a proven product, complete with your own website and payment system.  Be sales-ready within the next 7 days! 

Q: What is the Wishloop Software?

Wishloop is an all-in-one platform for automating social media and lead generation. (Basically like MeetEdgar, Sniply and ConvertFlow combined!)

It helps marketers get more eyes on their content with less effort, with a smart social scheduler; and then helps them convert this attention into action with a suite of Call-to-Action tools.

You can use Wishloop to:

  • Manage all your social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in one place
  • Create an evergreen social content calendar to automate social posting
  • Create interactive popups, slide-ins, and full-screen mats to convert visitors
  • Add calls-to-action to links you share to generate traffic/leads from authority content
  • Create mobile-ready squeeze pages in minutes with the drag-and-drop builder

Since it launched, Wishloop has generated over 23 million leads for over 25,000 customers worldwide. So you can be confident you’re putting your name on a proven product!

Here’s a quick demo video, where Wishloop partner Shane Brooks gives a guided tour of his white label setup

Wishloop Partner Shane Brooks gives a quick tour around his white label app “Smartfunnls”

Q: How many resell accounts do I get in the White Label Starter Pack?

As a White Label License holder, you purchase re-sell accounts in wholesale Packs, which gives you an economy of scale (i.e., the bigger bundles are cheaper per account, giving you a bigger profit margin).

There are 3 starter packs:

White Label Starter Packs – Price Per Re-sell Account:

  • 10 Pack = $9.97/month
  • 50 Pack = $5.90/month
  • 100 Pack = $4.97/month

Each re-sell account is a full-featured “skeleton account” that you can re-sell as ANY of the Wishloop plans… For example, you could sell a plan at the Standard level, then upgrade that customer to a Pro level or Workspace Plan, in this case only one re-sell account would be used from your quota.

And a re-sell account will only be taken from your account quota when its occupied by a PAYING customer. You get unlimited FREE TRIAL accounts (we don’t like to set limitations on your lead generation)

Q: Can I set my own pricing?

Yes! The price you re-sell these on for is up to you (or just copy our list pricing…)

Q: How much profit can I make?

As a Wishloop Partner, you get sub-accounts at a HUGE wholesale discount from our retail price. So there’s plenty of room to profit at various price levels.

As a benchmark, the List Price per Growth Account (i.e., price you can resell each account for) = $137/month. So just 10 customers paying you this amount would give you 4-figures of profit per month.

You can potentially scale up your business to 100s – even 1000s – of customers; so how much you make is up to you. Right now we have a number of White Label Partners with 100+ customers (…generating 6-figures per year in profit).

Our reseller packages also provide an economy of scale – i.e., the more plans you sell, the bigger your profit margin…

Check out our profit calculator to see the exact margins & projections here

Q: Are there any limits on the number of customers I can have?

There are no limits! You can add more resell accounts as your business grows – potentially scaling to 10,000s of customers.

Q: Who will host my SaaS platform?

The whole platform is hosted and maintained by the Wishloop team. This means there’s no need for downloads, data usage or hosting by you. And – best of all – NO technical/server issues to deal with.

All you need to do is make sales and manage your customers – we do the rest!

Q: Is the platform fully Whitelabel?

Yes. Your customers will only see YOUR branding…

Everything on the Wishloop platform has been changed right down to the last URL and Favicon.  So your customers will never know we exist…

We’ll help you map Wishloop to your own web-domain, so your customers will see the software on your own URL. Then you simply add your own logo and IDs… And as far as your customers are concerned, you’re the owner and manager of a full suite of cutting-edge marketing tools!

And it doesn’t just extend to the platform itself: All your contact, payment and support identification can be customized to your own Brand, and we provide a range of marketing, sales and support materials that are completely Whitelabel!

In short, it’s basically YOUR Platform – you just don’t need to worry about the technical stuff!

Q: Will I be able to create my own templates for customers?

Yes!  You can create new pages and templates and push these out to your customers.

Q: What happens if there are upgrades to Wishloop in the future?

You’ll get them automatically added to your own platform at no extra cost 🙂

Q: Will you help me with sales/ marketing and support?

Absolutely.  As well as providing you with a white label website, we provide traffic & conversion training (based on what works for us). You will also get a range of emails for automating the process of onboarding your customers as well as our tried and tested webinar presentations for selling the app.

We’ll also help you to support your customers (and you get a white label knowledge base automatically connected to your platform.) Rest-assured, you won’t have any problems helping your customers get up-and-running with the platform!

There’s also a Facebook group dedicated solely to Wishloop Partners. Remember, we are actively growing Wishloop ourselves, every single day… And we’re happy to share our successes (and failures) with you, to help you to grow your business.

Q: How do I get started?

You can become a Wishloop Partner here

Q: I still have some questions – how do I find out more?

If you still have a question then drop us a message in the live chat box in the bottom right of the page. Or book a 1-to-1 call with us here.

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Tom Murray

Tom Murray is co-founder of Wishloop. Specialising in digital branding & lead generation - Tom has 10+ years experience in online marketing, having previously worked as a consultant for the likes of Google, Facebook & Amazon.
Tom Murray

Tom Murray is co-founder of Wishloop. Specialising in digital branding & lead generation - Tom has 10+ years experience in online marketing, having previously worked as a consultant for the likes of Google, Facebook & Amazon.

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