5 Ways to “Actively Convert” Your Website Visitors

LOW CONVERSIONS? If you’re struggling with your website conversions, you’re not alone. Here are some pretty sobering stats… You only have 0-8 seconds to impress a first time visitor, before they turn around and leave On average, only 2% of website visitors actually buy at any given visit It takes 7 interactions on average to

Multi Step Optins – is this really the fastest way to grow your email list?

When it comes to conversions, many marketers hold to the age-old saying that “less is more.” I’ve even said as much myself on this blog already. But is that always true? The multi-step optin (MSO) is widely touted as one of the highest converting methods to build your subscriber list. By using the concept of

The 3 Magic Levers Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

Smart marketers and entrepreneurs know that there are 3 basic ways to grow your business: Increase the number of buyers Increase the transaction value Increase the number of transactions per customer In other words, every one of your sales funnels should be designed to… Get you more buyers… Get your customers to open their wallets

The easiest way to attract and convert more customers


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