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Hey Wishloopers

Following hot on the heels of the release of the Wishloop template marketplace, we’ve recently rolled out another big update, this time to the campaigns manager screen.

This update marks the release of phase 2 of our overall UI rebuild. 

Here’s a quick video showing off some of the new features:

Lets run through some of the highlights:

1. The campaigns manager now resembles the Marketplace

There’s now just a single My Campaigns page which mirrors the template marketplace UI.

So this means everything in one place with switches in the top left of the page to change between viewing popups (modal/fullscreen) and pages.

All campaigns types are available in a single view and, with this, we’ve removed another big section of the legacy interface, i.e. the old links to separate campaign tables for Amplify/Engage/Capture/Share. 

Obviously this is quite a big change and for existing users it might take a few sessions to get used to everything, but overall its much simpler and easier to use.

2. Campaign screenshots

One of our most requested features is finally here. 

All campaigns now have their own screenshots, which are generated on the fly whenever you save a campaign.

You can see it in the screenshot above but here’s a close up of just one campaign.

No more clicking back and forth just to find the campaign you’re looking for.

As part of this upgrade we have automatically screenshotted any campaign which has received impressions in the last 14 days. If that criterion isn’t meant by a campaign then it will have a purple default thumbnail (you can see it in the first image above). To take a screenshot for any campaign like this: simply edit the campaign, resave it and exit the builder again.

Please note, there’s a couple of seconds delay in generating the screenshots as we await an API response with the image.

3. Unified campaigns stats and settings.

This is a biggie for me personally.

I always found it slow navigating round the old dashboard and would constantly click on campaign settings when really i wanted to view the stats (or vice versa) 😣

When you click more info on any of your campaigns, there’s now a popup view containing both the stats and the settings for that campaign.

This may seem like a small change, but actually it’s really a massive timesaver. It also was the area which needed by far the most dev work to make it possible. Kudos to the dev team for this one!

There’s more changes to come here, particularly to the settings for popups, but we’ve focussed for now just on getting this live with the existing settings.

4. New options to help organise campaigns

We’ve added several new ways of managing and finding your campaigns.

  • First up campaigns can now be filtered based on the domain they’re attached to (in the case of popups) or the group they’re assigned to (for pages).

    Domain filtering for popups is handled dynamically.  So if you create a popup and assign it to a new domain, the domain will automatically now appear in the filters.

    Page grouping is still handled manually as this makes more sense to be able to group sets of pages together – e.g. an optin page and a separate thankyou page can be grouped.  Or a set of pages for a particular domain can be grouped together.
  • You can also now favourite your campaigns.

    People loved this in the template marketplace, so we’ve moved it here too.  Simply click the heart icon on your most important campaigns, then you can quickly filter these by clicking the favourite button on the top row.
  • Search and sort

    And finally, you can now also search for campaigns based on the campaign name, just click the magnifying icon next to favourites button.

    And finally you can also sort the ordering by last created/last updated, to quickly get back into the action. 

What’s coming next?

I’m glad you asked, as we’re far from done.

Naturally we’ll be continuing to optimise both the new campaigns page and the marketplace to make the experience smoother.

However the next feature release will be a new campaign creation wizard and also an updated onboarding tour for new users.

Once those are in place we’ll be ready to launch the new public marketplace and our new and improved affiliate program. And we’ll finally be able to ready to reveal how the new interface, new templates, and our focus on growth hacks all finally come together into one strategic whole… that we want YOU to get involved with!

Oh and we’re also be starting to roll out some pretty seismic changes to the campaign builder too.

The best, as they say, is yet to come…

Final thing, if you haven’t joined the Wishloop growth lab Facebook group yet, then go do so. Some of our best content will be released there exclusively going forward

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