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David Baer

Marketing Consultant, Baer on Marketing

Miles Austin

CEO, Fill the Funnel

Scott Dudley

Professional Copywriter

Eric Mulford

Entrepreneur, Ericsaid.com

Branch Whitney

Founder, 52 Peak Hiking Club

Jay Cruiz

Co-founder, PressCable

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I’ve used a lot of lead gen tools over the years and what I like about Wishloop is that it has everything I need under one roof.

Landing pages, welcome mats and pop-ups that are simple and intuitive to set-up and use, while giving a lot of flexibility in how we set it up.

Support for the tool is incredible, and I’ve got responses in as little as 5 minutes. I highly recommend Wishloop.

Chris Munch
Founder, Presscable & Muncheye

I used to struggle building my list. But, with the Wishloop platform, I was able to build a list of 2,179 subscribers in 59 days.

The iQueue browser add-on is a godsend!

I’m converting cold traffic at 14.67% now and my ad spend has been cut in half! and the list is hot – I make money every time I mail.

Way to go guys… you rock!

Bradley Waldrop
Founder, Digital Main Street Marketing

I wish I could keep Wishloop a secret because it’s so good that I don’t want my competitors to get their hands on it!

I use the Wishloop platform to create eye-catching desktop and mobile responsive lead generation pages and forms. They integrate perfectly with my email autoresponder.

Most importantly my clients are happy. During one meeting, the client’s jaw actually dropped when I showed him the results. Whether it’s impressing potential clients or satisfying the needs of new clients, Wishloop has made it so much easier to meet my business objectives.

I’ve tried other solutions but Wishloop offers the most cost effective platform (with outstanding training)

Nicola Berg
Award-winning SEM Consultant

Wishloop is a fantastic piece of lead generation software which I use to gain subscribers on my websites.

I also use the software as a popup for PayPal payments which has hugely improved my sales conversions.

Richard Blandford
Director, Suckerfish UK Ltd

The ease of use and stunning, professional designed campaigns make this software a no brainer for the newbies and advanced alike.

I highly recommend you pick up this product to increase engagements and conversions for your web campaigns.

Kahlil Wyche
Digital Marketing Coach

I have many page builders and optin creators, but I continuously find myself coming back to the Wishloop products.

They have become what I use almost exclusively for all my projects. The main reason for this is they just WORK. I can count on them to be reliable and easy to implement with third party integrations.

I have found that I can create almost anything I can think of using their platform. I am amazed at the number of features and the incredible degree of flexibility that using their system allows. I have found nothing else that lets me design exactly what I have in mind. They were the first platform that actually allowed me customize how the page looks on mobile independent of how it is looks on desktop.

They have continued to improve the platform and add additional features from the time when I first purchased as a Beta tester (several years ago) to the present. I highly recommend the Wishloop platform to anyone who works online or designs for people who work on online.

Michael Onthank
CEO, Steel Bridge Marketing

Wishloop is a smart and user-friendly tool that helps me in my marketing efforts, and helps me save cost.

Their customer service and support is efficient, fast and reliable; they won’t leave you sitting on a problem for long.

Highly recommended for online business owners who want to scale higher.

AB Harris
Online Entrepreneur & Coach

Wishloop have thought out their product well into the future, while keeping it incredibly simple and easy to use.

The possibilities are endless.

Wishloop will be the new standard for local business advertising in speed and efficiency.

Dirk Blanke

I love the drag and drop functionality, it makes creating campaigns really easy to create and implement. I especially like the widgets that offer such flexibility!

John Taylor
Marketing Consultant

Wishloop is Great! Extremely simple for easy integration. Dynamic, funny and witty, everything is in one place, plus lets you take your imagination to the limit.

Erick Brito

One of the best tools I have discovered. Very well created, easy to use, excellent design. This company is one of my most favorite so far.

Jerry Jones
Online Marketer

A quick shout out regarding Wishloop and their team. Their products are easy to use and work like they should.

The impact it can have is unlimited. I am implementing it in my own site and on other sites as well.

What is truly amazing, is their continuous dedication to upgrade, add new exciting features and most of all, their support. Even on the weekends, they were there.

I have purchased lots of website products, and few have the dedication the owners and this team has for you. It’s a first class, really cool product with top level, personal touch support.

Chris Scheitlin
Online Authority Specialist

If you want to increase the amount of leads and profit you’re pulling from your offers and pages, you need to start using Wishloop.

This is one the slickest apps I’ve seen in a very long time and I’ll be using it on all my pages from now on!

Joey Xoto
Co-founder, Viddyoze

If your website serves a purpose, no matter what it is – collecting leads, getting someone to watch a video, clicking a link, buying something…

Wishloop will get your message right in front of their face in a beautiful non intrusive way allowing you to get more from your website.

Devin Zander
CMO, eCom Experts Academy

Wishloop iQueue has been a real boon to me in terms of being able to generate quality email leads from my niche Facebook pages. For example, I’ve taken one of my client’s pages (based around a popular classic comedy show) from 0 to almost 300 subscribers in a couple of days.

All I do is share a link once every day or so to relevant content on other websites about the show. When fans click from my timeline post to read the article, they see my campaign loaded on these other sites asking them to join the “fan club”.

My total time investment so far has been around 30 minutes – including creating the campaign! Each new link takes about 2 minutes to find, create, and share.

I reckon there is huge monetization potential for combining Wishloop with social media – whether you use it to build a list or display CTAs for affiliate products, CPA offers or anything else!

Sam Frost
Account Manager, Ace Digital Marketing

This is a simple solution to a big problem. People are becoming blind to traditional opt-in forms… so to get results now you need to “Amplify” your message to guarantee everyone sees it!

Welcoming visitors with full-screen calls-to-action is the best solution I’ve seen! And Wishloop’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to set these up on your site in minutes…

Sam Bakker
Online Marketer

I was very excited to try Wishloop, and I was not disappointed!

This is an awesome, easy to use website enhancement that not only looks great, but adds functionality that I have only seen on big sites like Forbes.

This is a very impressive and useful tool for any marketer!

Ray Lane
Video Marketer

When iQueue was launched, I just jumped on it.

Allowing to quickly and simply add a personalized CTA to nearly every web page was so exciting, and still has a taste of magic. It’s a bit like subjugating the internet.

I use it constantly for my customers and myself. Who needs Bitly after that?

Then I started to be interested in the other Wishloop modules. They proved to be as convenient, powerful and easy as iQueue when one needs to quickly create a popup or a landing page. And they can be combined with iQueue. Plus, they integrate so easily in any other tool accepting HTML code.

Besides, the tech support team is helpful and extremely available.

This is definitely a must have for marketers.

Nicholas Moisset
Digital Marketing consultant and trainer , Multimediatique.fr

The easiest way to make squeeze pages. Terrific technology, there is no better drag and drop system available in the market.

The best part about Wishloop is I can make a campaign from start to end within 10 minutes, what could be better than that!.

Gaurav Madaan
Founder, Geekotech.com

I am loving the simplicity, ease of use and general coolness of Wishloop 🙂

I would recommend this right away to anyone looking to improve their online marketing. It’s so easy to use and with amazing results. Go Wishloop!

Srecko Olujic
Marketing Consultant

I love it! In fact, i might not recommend to anyone who is my competition!

Max Souter
Online Marketing Consultant

A wonderful tool you cannot allow not to have in your marketing arsenal.

David Duchemin
Marketing Agency CEO

Super slick tool – The best online conversion software… PERIOD!

Marcus Christian
Serial Entrepreneur

Wishloop’s iQueue app is a breathtakingly-innovative time-saving tool to set up campaigns to capture leads and generate sales from curated or other forms of content.

As a result, it puts the cherry on top of the impressive Wishloop software suite, which has the distinction of being both sophisticated and at the same time exceedingly intuitive and easy to use.

Clive Swersky
Producer, Alive with Clive

Wishloop Share has really helped me take content curation to another level.

It’s fast, intuitive, and one of the easiest tools around for leveraging the authority of other people’s content to grow my list.

Wishloop’s creative and useful tools have become a cornerstone of my online marketing.

George Charalampakis
Internet Marketer

It’s a great product! Grabs your visitors attention and is – intuitive… drag & drop interface & tons of ready-to-use templates… No coding or tech skills required…

The best web creation software I have seen to date”

I’ve seen a dramatic increase in conversions myself, so this will be one you’ll want to have.

Erubiel Santos

I am now building my niche email lists and retargeting lists through the content I post on my Facebook pages.

I used to post content that I found by copy and pasting a link. But now, I can use other people’s content to build my list, promote offers, or send them to my landing pages very quickly.

The browser integration is great as it automates the process of sharing your Wishloop campaigns.

Joseph Yanni
CEO, Digital Vader LLC

With Wishloop iQueue, it has never been easier for me to share quality content on my fan pages in such an effective manner.

Getting leads for each share wasn’t even in my thoughts a few weeks ago!

Now, when I find relevant content, I just click the “iQueue” button in my browser, select my campaign and get rewarded for my shares with leads in my autoresponder.

Eric Janneau
CEO, Human Label

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