In just a few weeks, we’re launching our highest value package yet – *exclusively* to existing Wishloop customers…

Wishloop Agency will give you a genuine short-cut to owning your own digital marketing subscription business.

Because for the first time, we’re opening up white label access to our entire 7-figure platform.

And in this post I want to share a bit of our own journey, and show you why we’re so excited about this upcoming opportunity…


Our first “big break” online…

Our first online business came about by accident (…like a lot of cool things, right?)

When Stuart and I first started working together in 2011, we had no business model in mind.

We just had a vague idea of offering “digital marketing services” (and a belief that we could make “something” work…)

You know what it’s like when you first start out online…

It’s like being a kid in a candy-store. EVERYTHING looks good, right?

Each new opportunity and offer looks better than the last…

So you keep buying new products…

SEO tools…
Training guides…
Wordpress plugins…
The latest Video creation softwares…etc…
(sound familiar?)

It’s fun, addictive even.

But it doesn’t make you money.

Actually, it just costs you a ton of money!

And you feel like you’re trying to move in so many different directions, you end up going round in circles!


So like a lot of online entrepreneurs, when we got our first success, it was more by luck than design…

One day Stu saw a webinar about mobile SMS marketing. It looked like a decent business opportunity.  So we did some more research, and purchased a white label license for a software product called TextLocal – which lets you run SMS marketing campaigns…

We paid about $1000 for the white label license, and could then purchase sub-accounts at a concessionary rate…

We now had a high-value asset that we could brand as our own, and offer as a service to our clients.

Plus, having our own branded software gave us instant authority.

It suddenly felt like we had a solid business. And this instantly gave us focus and motivation.

In the 2 weeks that followed, we:

  • Came up with our own brand name (“LocalDirect”)
  • Designed our logo…
  • Built a website…
  • Wrote some copy about our mobile marketing services…
  • And launched our first online business!
Our agency website, created in 2011


I showed the software to a local restaurant in Oxford, and explained the benefits…

And we won our first client!

We charged them £600 (setup fee) plus £100 per month to license the software from us.

This SaaS (Software as a Service) game seemed like a good bet 🙂

Incidentally, a few weeks ago I was telling this story to Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain – 2 of the guys behind the video marketing software Viddyoze…and it turns out they got the same white label license for TextLocal a few year ago too!  Strange coincidence?

Fast-forward a few years…

And a lot has changed in our business.

But the “Software as a Service” business model has stuck…

We’ve partnered with Ayoub and – as you know – developed our own marketing SaaS: Wishloop…

And now we want to give Wishloop customers the same kind of opportunity that gave us our first break.

And we know a lot of you are way ahead of us!

In fact, an Agency plan is one of the most common requests we receive from Wishloop customers.

In our recent survey, 71% of Wishloop users said they’re interested in a Wishloop Agency Plan.


I’ve also spoken to a lot of you directly – because we want to create a package that really meets your needs.

It’s been great to discover that many of you are just as excited about this opportunity as we are!


The “Conversion Optimisation” opportunity

Conversion Optimisation is a huge growth area.

Most businesses now have websites.  But how many of these websites are fully optimised to turn traffic into customers and profit?

Most businesses do ZERO re-marketing to their website visitors – because they’re not building email and retargeting lists.  But *we* know that email marketing and ad retargeting give you the best ROI you can get.

Thousands of businesses are letting their website traffic go to waste.

Armed with Wishloop’s conversion tools, you can help solve this.

Similarly, while a lot of businesses have a Facebook or Twitter page, how many are actually converting their social media traffic into leads?  SpeedLeads can help solve this.

The truth is, most business owners are too busy running their business to think about optimizing their conversions – even though it’s critical to their success.

This is where Wishloop Agency comes in…


Introducing Wishloop Agency…

Wishloop Agency will allow you to offer a complete lead-generation service to businesses – enabling you to build a sustainable business around the Wishloop Conversion Engine.

We want to let you leverage our technology, but also have the freedom to set your own business model and pricing…

So here’s what Agency Members will get:

  • Exclusive White Label options: Instantly leverage our proven 7-figure platform to grow your own brand. Agency members will be able to rebrand the Wishloop dashboard & map the Wishloop app to their own domain.
  • Recurring Profits: Agency members will get a special discount on all Wishloop accounts, giving you a healthy profit margin. Charge as much or as little as you want, it’s up to you! You’ll be able to create sub-accounts for each new client, and charge recurring subscriptions. Add more sub-accounts & scale up as your business grows.
  • Client Account Management: You’ll also be able to offer a managed service – push designs to your clients’ accounts, manage their campaigns, and set your own pricing for all your added-value services.
  • Wishloop Template Club Access: Agency members will get monthly templates for Amplify, Engage and Capture, skillfully put together by our in house design team – as well as access to request a template design; simply submit a support ticket to request a design.
  • Sales & marketing assets: We’ll also provide Agency members with training and marketing materials – because your success is our success!
  • Free future updates: As you know, Wishloop is constantly evolving to keep you ahead of the game.  And this won’t stop.  As well as general improvements to the Wishloop dashboard and existing apps, we have plans to release new apps to the suite this year – including a form-builder and a referral tool (we’ll detail all the plans for the Wishloop Platform in a separate post).  Agency members will get all future updates at no extra cost.

“White label” software offers are ten a penny these days.  But not all softwares are created equal…not every software is worth putting your name on, is it?

A software is a bit like an employee…

A bad software, like a bad employee, will cost you time and money without offering much in return.  But a good software is like a highly skilled and reliable employee – someone who can do a great job for you without supervision (even while you’re asleep).

How much would you pay a top-employee who could transform your business?


So who is this for?

Basically, any Wishloop user who wants to leverage our technology to build a sustainable, Agency business that generates a recurring income.

IMPORTANT: As long you also realise this requires work, focus, and action on your part (at least until you have clients signed up to subscriptions).  This is a real business **opportunity**; what you make of it is up to you.

We’re making the Agency plan scaleable – so whether you’re just starting your Agency, or already have 50 clients ready to sign up, we’ll have something that works for you.

We want to create a Win-Win relationship with our Agency Partners.

So we’re personally investing a lot of our time into working directly with founding members – to make sure this is a success.

As such, we’re initially opening the Agency plan to a limited number of founding members, before launching to the wider marketing community.

We can’t wait to roll this out!

Let us know your thoughts on this package in the comments below.  What would you like to see included?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Tom Murray

Tom Murray is co-founder of Wishloop. Specialising in digital branding & lead generation - Tom has 10+ years experience in online marketing, having previously worked as a consultant for the likes of Google, Facebook & Amazon.
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Tom Murray

Tom Murray is co-founder of Wishloop. Specialising in digital branding & lead generation - Tom has 10+ years experience in online marketing, having previously worked as a consultant for the likes of Google, Facebook & Amazon.

46 thoughts on “How we won our first client (plus a “sneak peek” at Wishloop Agency…)

Jeremy - | Reply

Hi Tom, Stuart, Ayoub and Mark! So excited about this! Hope to get the details soon!

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks Jeremy! We’ll keep you posted on progress

Scott Dudley - | Reply

Seriously can’t wait for this to kick off Tom. Just a quick question… what about when our clients ask for customer support? How is that handled?

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    Hi Scott. There will be some options in the agency admin area to add your own support links. It will be fully white label and these will be your customers so we’ll never email them.

si - | Reply

Really like wishloop – hope I can afford it ! When’s launch?

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    We’re aiming to launch to existing Wishloop customers towards the end of September

Brian Perryman - | Reply

Guys, this is awesome. SOUNDS GREAT!

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks Brian!

Aris Jerahian - | Reply

This looks great and something we have been asking for. How can we sign up, the link at the end of your blog is not working.

Aris Jerahian - | Reply

My bad – its working.

Norm Sash - | Reply

Awesome… I’ve been waiting 😉 for sub-accounts! But maybe you can comment on this… other than white label what are the main benefits of agency vs. affiliate? Are sub-accounts going to be available in other account levels or only in Agency?

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Hi Norm, the key difference is these will be your customers, not ours; we won’t contact them. As well as white label, you can set your own pricing and offer a managed service via Agency – push designs to your clients’ accounts, manage their campaigns etc.

Richard - | Reply

Hey Tom, What will be the pricing options? Will there be a white label re-seller sales system in place or do we have to setup our own funnel and sales pages?

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Hi Richard, we will provide training on things like setting up payment systems, website; and we’ll provide templates, and share our own marketing strategies with you. But at the same time, we want to allow flexibility for you to implement your own branding, marketing and pricing model – so there will not be a funnel set up for this (at least not to begin with). We also have an affiliate scheme for Wishloop if you want to promote a ready-made funnel.

Dirk Blanke - | Reply

This is great, I believe I had asked Tom or Stuart a while ago for this, just for the simple fact for better organization, separating clients ads from our own ads. Further it would be great to tie in PayPal and Stripe to fully automate the Agency, keeping everything in check. But with what they have stated above, this is a huge addition for them and us as users. As I’ve mentioned before, they are very forward thinkers and will lead this game, giving users the competitive edge. Thank You Gentlemen.

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks Dirk! We’ll certainly offer payment training, and look at some automation solutions. We also need to balance this with giving Agency members the freedom to set your own business model & pricing based on the level of service you want to offer.

John Baron - | Reply

Looking forward to hearing more about this ,


Jay - | Reply

Dear Wishloop…
This sounds amazing…I can’t wait for more details to gain a better understanding of what specific products I can offer to my customers…

As well as the price for me to get started!

Thank you for the update!

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Hi Jay, you’ll be able to offer your clients all the Wishloop apps – Engage, Amplify, Capture & Speedleads – via Agency

Shrinidhi - | Reply

Tom, Stu, Ayoub, Mark… this is a godsend for the millions of biz website owners out there! I also have something else in mind by way of educative videos in internet based customer management, and poof! here’s the toolkit to implement the course learning! Can’t wait for your announcement! Trust I can afford the price tag! Stay blessed and all the best!

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Hi Shrinidhi, sounds like good timing :). We’re putting together a special offer for founding members.

Joe - | Reply

can’t wait! thanks guys!

David - | Reply

I’m trying to add my name to the waiting list, but it just moves me back up to the top of the page…?

Tracu Middleton - | Reply

I’m really interested to see your agency option, really like the Wishloop products.

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks Tracu – we’re really looking forward to launching this…

Aliya - | Reply

Congrats guys. Looking forward to learning more!

James Smith - | Reply

Around what time is this rolling out?

TW - | Reply

Of course I’d like to know the price on this. And — re: support… I see that it’s white label, and I see that you never email our clients — but that doesn’t really answer the question — how do we handle support? *Who* handles support? That would seem to be a monumental question.

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Agents will handle support directly to their clients, to maintain full control of their brand and customer relationships. We’ll be available to support Agency members and assist with technical issues.

Terry - | Reply

Hi- Will you have specific allowances for those of us that have already invested in Wishloop products.

Tim Beachum - | Reply

Lets rock and roll!

Jordan Mulson - | Reply

Wow! This, is exciting! And, you’re absolutely right in saying ‘not all softwares are created equal..’ because I’ve tried to use 3 or 4 OTHER softwares like Speedleads and ended up getting refunds on all, because they didn’t work correctly, were missing advertised features, and even the one I bought Agency level rights to never worked. Speedleads has been awesome, and I can’t wait to see what this roll-out will bring! Thanks for creating quality, fellas. It’s refreshing to actually have products that work and can be used with confidence. ~Jordan

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks Jordan, great to hear that our hard work on the product is appreciated 🙂

iacopo - | Reply

Always I like the whitelabel version,I bought a lot for my Agency who starts soon. The Saas system are the future for good business online . Thanks I can’t wait to see the price !

Sam - | Reply

This is exciting. What’s the price is gonna be like? Will there be a lifetime plan?

Gelar satya pradana - | Reply

that really good news im really interested…
ur software is amazing

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks Gelar 🙂

Ab - | Reply

Hey Tom, Stuart & Mark,
I am always fascinated by the “High Quality” you bring in your product.. Almost perfect and Flawless and believe Agency would be set the way beyond benchmark. This is somewhat once in lifetime offer to act & grab fast and move towards the goal!
Good luck to you to make your best launch and to your fans including me since there is a wait list and you want to give initially to a limited audience 🙂

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thank you – much appreciated! 🙂

Paul - | Reply

What happens God forbid you close your business and we have all of our clients on your system

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Hi Paul, that’s a really valid question – this is always a big factor when investing in any SaaS. I know in the internet marketing niche a lot of softwares launch and then disappear virtually overnight. This is mainly because a lot of the “launchers” don’t actually design or develop the software themselves; they just profit from the launch but have no long-term investment in the software. However, we’ve built a reputation as a reputable software company over the last few years, because we create and maintain all our software internally. Our business model is based around building a sustainable SaaS business. We’ve fully supported all our SaaS’s over the last few years and do not plan to change this; in fact, we have plans to expand Wishloop. Of course, you can never completely predict the future, but we’re in this for the long haul and want to create sustainable partnerships with Agency members.

Michael - | Reply

Looking forward to the Wishloop Agency all your products and great support…

Patrick - | Reply

Look forward to seeing the agency platform

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