So we’ve been very busy over the last couple of months working on the next part of the Wishloop suite (Amplifire, due for release on the 15th February) and we haven’t officially announced many of the recent updates to Wishloop.

Today I want to give you a quick round up of some of the most significant recent updates

1. All new optin-form widget

Gone are the multiple widgets for horizontal/vertical optin forms, or seperate widgets for forms with/withuout a visible name field. The new optin form widget groups all of them into a single widget, with several new settings in addition to the existing ones:

Skin: +10 different skins to choose from
Orientation: Vertical/Horizontal
Field: Name & Email / Email only

The forms have also been redesigned, giving them a sleek new look.

Existing optin forms will still work, however if you want to update your forms then its easy to do, just head on over to the camapign builder, click your form and select one of the new skins to activate the new widget.



2. SendLane API integration

We’ve added Sendlane API integration by popular request. This is definitely an up and coming autoresponder so worth checking out.


3. New Opt-in form option for the form submit action (Engagifire Only)

The popups can now be simply closed whilst staying on the same page and without performing any redirect or showing an additional step.


4. Captifire WordPress plugin update (Captifire Only)

We have also recently updated the Captifire WordPress plugin. This has made the plugin more useful by adding options to set any Captifire page as a default 404 or hoempage of your WordPress site. We’ve also fixed a few reported conflicts with the plugin.

Please download the latest version of the plugin from your Wishloop dashboard and reupload to your WordPress site

We plan to combine the Engagifire and Captifire plugins into a single Wishloop plugin soon. This will likely be launched after the Wishloop rebrand which is currently ongoing.


5. Renamed the Amplifire Remote Commander feature (Captifire Only)

Some of you may have noticed that there is now a new link in your Captifire menu called “Doorbell” in place of where the Amplifire link was previously.

This is just a cosmetic update and the previous functionality remains unchanged. We just felt Amplifire was too good a name to be hidden away on a smaller feature so we’ve moved it to center stage for the name of the next part of the wishloop platform.

Doorbell is just a temporary name as we plan to standardise this all under the “Remote Commander” heading in the coming weeks. For existing users of our remote commander functionality we have some exciting updates coming soon that you won’t want to miss.


6. Vertically centred working canvas (Captifire Only)

For better page rendering on larger screens we have now centred the working canvas/container for Captifire campaigns. This gives a much better overall presentation for your landing pages.

This should be a smooth transition for all existing pages provided you kept your page elements within the orange dashed “safe zone” when creating your campaigns. If you had elements outside that zone then it would be worthwhile just to double check your campaign again to make sure its displaying properly.


7. Dynamic parameters (Captifire Only)

This is a new and extremely powerful feature that we’re pleased to be able to release. And for advanced marketers this opens up some huge potential to really optimise and improve your campaigns.

We explain further how dynamic campaigns work in this FAQ post. The big benefit of dynamic parameters is that you can customise various elements of the page just by appending various tags to the end of the page url. Especially useful when used in conjunction with paid advertising.

We also plan to extend this functionality to Engagifire and Amplifire in the coming weeks.


8. Opt-in form pre-filling

Imagine being able to pre fill the optin form with your visitors email address meaning all they have to do is press the submit button. This frictionless way to subscribe users to your list is now possible with Wishloop.

Use this when mailing your existing subscribers a link to sign up to a webinar, or when segmenting your leads to maximise conversions. More info on this powerful feature can be found in our knowledge base here.


That’s all for now, don’t forget to sign up for the Amplifire early bird list to ensure you secure the best price when we go live.

Till next time, happy converting!

Stuart, Tom and Ayoub



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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop, Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies. He has bought, grown and sold several software companies over the past 10 years.

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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop, Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies. He has bought, grown and sold several software companies over the past 10 years.

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