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Speedleads is now live!


This is a big upgrade for us and this is the most excited our users have ever been about a Wishloop upgrade.  But what’s changed?

In many ways the addition of Speedleads helps us solve a new but perennial problem facing both our existing users and marketers at large.

With the addition of Speedleads, Wishloop becomes not just one of the most effective website optimisation tools on the market (yes, our most active users really are seeing amazing results, aren’t you?); but also a complete traffic and lead generation solution.  We hope you’ll agree.

The addition of Speedleads to the Wishloop platform also paves the way for some innovative new ideas, many of which we hope to introduce before the public launch of Speedleads on the 23rd June.

Here’s a quick outline of the changes:

  1. Speedleads has replaced Remote Commander and inherits the features of RC.  However Speedleads also comes with some important upgrades and new abilities.
  2. Existing Remote Commander campaigns have been migrated to Speedleads campaigns.
  3. A new campaign builder is now available which allows rapid creation of Speedleads campaigns.  These campaigns can be run off-site in much the same way as remote commander campaigns have always worked.
  4. Your existing conversion mats (amplify campaigns) and now also popups (engage campaigns) can still be used within Speedleads.  However the new campaign builder can also be used.  (This will make more sense when you see it live but we have continued to innovate with a clear focus on making things as quick to setup as possible, hence “speed” leads).
  5. A new Speedleads bookmarklet will now be available within your Wishloop dashboard on the Settings > Installation page.  This replaces the old bookmarklet and can be dragged to the bookmarks bar in your browser.  This will then allow double quick access to your Speedleads campaigns without requiring you to log in to Wishloop.


Who will automatically receive this upgrade?

Anyone who has previously bought any of the Unlimited accounts for Engagifire, Captifire or Amplifire will receive access to this upgrade, as will users on Wishloop Pro subscription plans.  Users on the Wishloop trial plan will also get limited access for the duration of their trial.

If you don’t meet the criteria above and would like to get access to Speedleads then you can contact our support desk and we will work out the most appropriate upgrade route for you  (If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, then you’ll be able to check your purchases by clicking the account link in the top right corner of the Wishloop dashboard).


How to use Speedleads?

If you’ve used Remote Commander then setting up a new Speedleads campaign is simple.  Two features will be new however, so I want to provide a quick introduction to these below.

[Note: there are no video tutorials at present as Speeldeads is still under intensive development and the interface is still liable to change.  Once we’re happy with things we will create some video tutorials too, as well as a more general refresh of all the existing wishloop tuts.]

The two new options are Brands and Boxes, lets look at each in turn:


The Brand menu option allows you to upload an image to represent your brand.  Its just a case of naming your brand, uploading an image and adding a web address.  This could be a company image, logo, or a personal brand (i.e. a picture of you).


“The functionality behind brands is very simple.  The concept, on the other hand, is extremely powerful.” 

With this one simple tweak, we have introducted the concept of the “who” to links shared via Speedleads.

Through the attachment of a brand or personal profile we have brought the sharer to the forefront.  This brings transparency to the act of sharing Speedleads links, whilst also positioning their brand (whether personal or a business) in a position of authority; as a curator of useful, authoritative and well written content.  In stricter internet marketing parlance it makes what could otherwise be a “grey hat” activity into a purely “white hat” one.


In the simplest terms a “Box” is just the combination of a brand and a message.  We’re also hoping to rename Boxes to something a bit more inspired – if you have any suggestions then we’d be happy to hear them…

A number of different Boxes are available and we’ll be playing with the options here ahead of the 23rd June when Speedleads is officially launched.  Lets dive into the Box builder and take a closer look:

First up, you’ll have the option to choose a brand.  This is a pretty straightforward option where you can attach any of the brand you created to be the “who” behind the message you’re creating.  Here’s how it looks:


I only have one brand currently, so not much more to do here.  Lets proceed to the box “Type” using the menu at the top left.

There are 4 box types currently available.

The opt-in form box is pretty self explanatory.  If you’re sharing content related to health then just a simple call to action to sign up for daily tips on healthy living is a simple example of how this could be used.



The Traffic box is designed for sharing links to your existing content.  It allows you to upload an additional image (e.g. featured image from your post) and the whole text in the main body of the box will be a clickable link so its great for your post title.  The top section can be used to introduce your content and bridge the gap from the current article to your own.



The Button and Text link boxes are currently very similar, although the idea here is to have the text link option always show the link itself inline with the box content, whereas the button box will have a distinct button/call to action which is offset to the side of the text.  We’ll be making this small change in the coming weeks.  The button or text link can obviously direct the user to any url of your choosing.



After you’ve chosen your box type, you can proceed to tweak the settings and add your box copy.  The exact settings here will vary based on the box type you’ve chosen, however a few settings are common across all box types.


The Box label, is how you will recognise the box in the dashboard.  It pays to be descriptive and employ a naming convention here – especially if you intend to create a lot of boxes.  Something like:  [Brandname] box type, box objective would be good.  For the one shown in the screenshot just above I might choose “[Stuart] Button box for 5 point plan downloads”.

You then have the option to set the position of the box in any of the 4 corners of the screen and also to set the time delay before the box appears.  These are both options you are free to experiment with or use to suit the target site you’re sharing – for example, some sites you wish to share may have live chat or other widgets in the bottom corner so a top corner box may be more suitable.  In this case, revising your box label to “[Stuart] Button box for 5 point plan downloads (topright)” may be helpful.

The remaining settings will allows you to add text/links and an image in the case of the Traffic box.  All straightforward options here 🙂

Once you’re done with configuring the box settings, that leaves only the box styling.

We have included 4 distinct styles, all of which look great across all devices.  In the screenshot below I’ve chosen the full width style, and the fresh colour scheme which fits nicely with the health niche



Once you’re happy, just hit the save button and your box is complete and ready to go.  You can come back and edit it whenever you like,

Creating a Speedleads campaign

So you’ve setup a brand and created your first box.  Awesome, but now what?

You’ll want to setup your first campaign using that box.  Under the speedleads menu just hit the “new” link.  Here’s what you’ll see:


To anyone used to using Remote Commander this will be very familiar.  The campaign Name is for internal use only, but again being descriptive and consistent with your naming will help, especially once you have a lot of campaigns.

The Url field is where you will enter the target url that you will be sharing.  For my health example I would be sharing some high quality content which will be of interest to anyone who I think would be a good candidate for my five point plan to improving energy levels.  (Please note: some urls will not be available for use – e.g. sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc…  This is due to enhanced security measures in place on these sites.)

For “Layer type”, we’re working with the box I just created, and as I have only one box then the “Layer” field has defaulted to the only option available.

For the “Domain name”, you can use the default 3ng.io domain or make use of any custom domains you’ve added to Wishloop (see this article for more info)

We’ve already had a couple of comments about the message in blue shown below:


This message relates to the Speedleads Scheduler.  More on this below, and if you’ve signed up for beta access then you will be getting access to this soon.

Just save the campaign once you’re ready and the Speedleads campaign will be saved and your newly created shortlink will be available for sharing.  Job done.

At any time you can also access the campaign analytics by hovering over the relevant row in the campaigns table and clicking on the analytics button:



The Speedleads Browser Bookmarklet

If you visit the Installations page in your Wishoop dashboard then the Speedleads browser bookmarklet will also be available.  Installing this is as simple as clicking the green button and dragging it up to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser.


Once installed, the Speedleads bookmarklet can be activated whilst browsing any web page.

When you find a page you wish to share, simply click on the button in your bookmarks bar and a version of the Speedleads campaign interface will appear as a popup window.


The interface here contains the same options shown earlier, when I setting up a Speedleads campaign from within the Wishloop dashboard.  As the image above shows, my box has been chosen by default.  And after clicking save, the custom Speedleads shortlink will be created ready for me to share.  Its as simple as that.

This is a powerful shortcut that makes it easy to share content just as quickly as you may already be doing anyway.  The added benefit of Speedleads is that you are sharing that content whilst also sharing your brand and message (whether it be an optin form, link to your related content, or to any other sales/optin/other page).  Super quick and a great way to get more out of every link you share online.  Make a habit of it!


What’s coming next?

As hinted at above, we are creating a scheduler which will allow you to queue Speedleads links and schedule them to be shared on Facebook and Twitter in the future.  I’ll write a fuller update once that is ready in the next week or two.  I can’t wait to show you this as it takes the whole thing to the next level and provides you with a true hands off way to populate your social accounts with high quality content which also drives traffic and generates leads for your business for a fraction of the time and energy investment

We also want to introduce the concept of brands to Wishloop more generally and utilise the brand image as a dock which can be placed at the corner of the screen which any popup or conversion mat could be minified too and re-activated from.  This is a cool idea which I’m particularly excited about.

We also want to look at combining boxes with other wishloop elements so that, for example, a Speedleads button box could be a trigger for a popup created with Engage.

We have other ideas too including some minor tweaks to the existing boxes, and also broader plans to streamline the Wishloop dashboard in the coming weeks.

For now though, this post has become long enough.  We hope you enjoy using Speedleads and can’t wait to receive your feedback and especially hear any requests or suggestions for improvement.  As always, all feedback is gratefully received and feel free to leave us a comment below or contact us via the helpdesk.

Best wishes,

Stuart, Tom & Ayoub
~ Creators, WishLoop


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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop, Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies. He has bought, grown and sold several software companies over the past 10 years.

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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop, Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies. He has bought, grown and sold several software companies over the past 10 years.

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Mike McLoughlin - | Reply

Looks good – especially the scheduling of content in FB

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love these upgrades to speed leads, this is a super powerful marketing tool and it just keeps getting better. This saves so much time.

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This is awesome! Thanks guys. I really like the idea of clicking a speedlead box and triggering a pop up or conversion mat, etc. Very cool.

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Definitely looking forward to trying this. I’ll check it out today. The FB and Twitter share is awesome. As is the idea that every link you share can now be a potential lead!

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