“Drum roll, please…”

Yep, we’ve got some big news!

For the past year, we’ve been working on the perfect traffic solution to complement our suite of conversion tools.

And we’re nearly there.  We’re just days away from releasing our most powerful technology yet…



iQueue: a smarter way to automate your social media.


iQueue lets you auto-schedule and recycle your content via Categorized Content Calendarstaking away 90% of the manual work from doing social media 🙂

Combined with our conversion tools, this means you can now build “Perpetual Marketing Machines”: complete “set-and-forget” campaigns that generate traffic & leads for you on auto-pilot…

But before we go into exactly how iQueue will make your life easier, let me share why we’ve built it…


Work smarter, not harder…

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree
and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln knew the importance of working smarter – not harder.

The woodsman who jumps right in with a blunt axe has to work a lot harder to chop down a tree.  Tired and frustrated, he might even give up.

Meanwhile: Abe’s kicking-back, relaxing, listening to a few tunes (while sharpening his axe of course…)

Inefficient tools waste your most precious resources: your time, and your energy.


Key takeaway:

It’s much better to invest your time finding and cultivating the best tools for the job first. You’ll thank yourself in the long-run.

This is especially true of marketing automation:

A little upfront work selecting the correct software and planning your automation sequence pays dividends down the line.

Take email for example…

Imagine you’re getting new email subscribers every day. Would you rather…

A: Invest in a decent email software and spend a few hours setting up an autoresponder sequence (a series of emails that automatically send whenever someone subscribes to your list)?

… OR …

B: Manually write and send a new email every time you get a new subscriber? 🙁

It’s a no-brainer right?

Option A may take a bit of upfront work, but you only need to write the emails and create the schedule ONCE.

(Then you can sit back and watch the sales come in 🙂

Most marketers would not dream of doing email marketing without an autoresponder…

But it’s surprising how many people jump into social media with a blunt tool…

(…resulting in a lot of manual re-writing and re-scheduling across multiple social channels)

Which is why we set about creating an “autoresponder” for your social media…

iQueue is sharp as a tack (in fact, he’s top of his class)


So why is iQueue a Smarter way to do Social Media?

Short answer: because it enables you to get better results with less effort.

Here’s exactly how iQueue will take the time-suck out of your social media marketing:

  • Categorized Content Library:
    • iQueue lets you build an unlimited, categorized library of social updates, so you can manage your different types of content with ease.
    • For example, you can group your content into things like: blog posts, articles, tips, photos/ images, inspirational quotes, questions, promotions, etc… making it easy to plan a balanced, varied social media feed.
    • Each category has its own Queue and Schedule that you can manage with our intuitive Visual Calendar…
  • Drag-&-drop Visual Calendar
    • Create a Schedule for each Category with Wishloop’s signature drag-and-drop ease.
    • Pause, edit or delete each Schedule in just a few clicks.
    • iQueue gives you an instant overview of what type of content is being posted, and when. Each of your Categories is colour-coded, so it’s easy to understand your schedule and queue at a glance.  You can also filter your calendar by Category or Social Account for specific insight.
  • Smart Auto-Scheduling:
    • We don’t always discover or create content in the order we want to share it.  Imagine you stumble upon a website while browsing at 1am – containing 100s of inspirational articles you want to share with your audience.  But you don’t want to share them right away, all at once. You’d rather drip feed them, with other types of content in between.  In the past, you’d have to save them in a spreadsheet, or spend hours manually scheduling each post. Not any more…
    • With iQueue you can ditch the spreadsheets and manual scheduling.  Your individual posts get added to your categorised queues, each with its own pre-set schedule.
    • This means your content will automatically be posted at the best times, and in the optimum order…
    • So you can just add content to your Queues, without worrying about timings.
  • Syndicated Content Distribution:
    • iQueue makes it easy to manage all your social media channels in one place.  Want to share your blog posts to ALL your social accounts at once?  No problem.  iQueue lets you select multiple targets (social accounts) for each Content Category, so posting to 5 social accounts is as quick & easy as posting to 1…
    • And all this is done in a way that’s fully compliant with each platform’s terms of service and in line with best practices.
  • Post Recycling:
    • Never run out of content again.  iQueue recycles your updates over time, so they NEVER go to waste.  You won’t get stuck spending hours refilling and re-scheduling again!
    • Each time you recycle a post, it will be seen by new parts of your audience.  This means you can easily get up to 10x more likes, shares and clicks than posting just once.
    • You can choose whether a post should be published just once, or recycled, and for how long.
  • Call to Action overlays:
    • Add a custom CTA to every link you share.
    • Drive traffic and generate email leads from 3rd-party content with interactive overlays: popups, slide-ins and full-screen conversion mats.
  • iQueue Browser Extension:
    • Add content to your Queues as you discover it.
    • When you’re browsing the web, you can easily add content to your queue without leaving the page you’re sharing with our with our new and improved browser extension.
    • Save time and get more done by filling you Queues from anywhere  (even from your mobile)

Remember this guy?

Well now he looks like this:

iQueue bookmarklet


Looks good right?


Automated Traffic + Conversions = “Perpetual Marketing Machines”

With the introduction of iQueue we want Wishloop to become a central hub for all your social media AND lead generation….

…The “Mission Control” for managing all your content marketing and lead-gen campaigns in one place.

We believe Wishloop is now the ideal platform for attracting new prospects across all your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – and converting them into leads…

…on complete autopilot.

In other words,

It’s now possible to create “Perpetual Marketing Machines” with Wishloop (…driving traffic and leads for you non-stop – literally while you sleep!)…

Wishloop Perpetual Marketing Machines
Perpetual Marketing Machines generate engagement, traffic, and conversions “24 / 7”, non-stop…


How do you build a Perpetual Marketing Machine with iQueue?

It’s simple!

In fact, you can build a Machine in just a few steps:

Step 1: Create your content categories in iQueue – e.g., Quotes, Gifs, Blog posts, News, Viral Articles, Promotion etc…

Step 2: Create your content schedule – drag and drop your categories to build a balanced, and varied, weekly content calendar…

Step 3: Create your calls to action – Create popups, full screen mats and squeeze pages with Wishloop; add these to your own content AND to 3rd party web-pages you share to turn all your traffic into leads & sales…

And that’s the basis of your machine.

Under the hood there are a lot a moving parts (as iQueue automatically organizes and schedules your different content queues).  But we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that everything is incredibly simple and intuitive for you!

We provide the machine, you just need to add the fuel!


Let iQueue do all the Heavy-Lifting for you

Because you only need to create your schedule once (at the category level), your machine will remove most of the manual work from running multiple active social media accounts…

Your Machine will:

  • …Automatically schedule each post (based on your Categorized Calendar)
  • …Syndicate your content to all your social channels
  • …Recycle each post (as specified)
  • …Trigger your Calls-to-Action when people click on your posts

…Thereby saving 90% of your time and effort…

So you can focus on the most important thing: fueling your machine with engaging, relevant content 

(i.e., adding images, status updates, articles etc…into your Queues).


So Who is this for?

Who can benefit from automating their social media with iQueue?

Well, lets put it another way: who’d like to save more time to do more of the things they’d enjoy?!

Seriously though, selling pretty much anything online boils down to 2 basic things:

  1. Getting people to your offers
  2. Turning them into leads and customers…

In other words: traffic & conversions, right?

So we’re confident that – whether you’re doing e-com, list building / affiliate marketing, running a SaaS, or marketing a local business – building a Perpetual Marketing Machine will benefit your business.

So we can’t wait to roll this out!

Want to see a demo?

Sign up to our launch webinar at 3pm on Thursday 5th April

And let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  Do you think iQueue could help you get more out of your social media marketing?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Tom Murray

Tom Murray is co-founder of Wishloop. Specialising in digital branding & lead generation - Tom has 10+ years experience in online marketing, having previously worked as a consultant for the likes of Google, Facebook & Amazon.
Tom Murray

Tom Murray is co-founder of Wishloop. Specialising in digital branding & lead generation - Tom has 10+ years experience in online marketing, having previously worked as a consultant for the likes of Google, Facebook & Amazon.

18 thoughts on “Introducing iQueue

Ross - | Reply

Tom, as great as Wishloop is, then my guess iQueue will be as good, if not better! Can’t wait to see it! How may we sign up as an affiliate, if possible?

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    Hey Ross, once iQueue is live, you’ll be able to use our regular affiliate scheme to promote it, just as you currently can for Wishloop. If you’re not signed up for this then the link is here: https://affiliates.wishloop.com/

    We’re also updating some of the Wishloop branding with the iQueue rollout, so updated affiliate materials will be available soon 🙂

Dirk - | Reply

Looks good guys. Looking forward to seeing it. P.S. don’t forget to allow us to set-up time zones on servers. Many forget this. And if you can across multiple accts, e.g. one time zone for west coast clients and one for east coast clients in the US. Good Luck w/ it Guys.

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    Hey Dirk, yeah this will be ready by launch day. We haven’t really needed it so for our testing but its important as soon as we start having a global userbase

Hamant - | Reply

Hi Tom,
This looks like a fantastic upgrade to Amplify system. Although I am only a user of Amplify, I love using this –
What will be the situation for Amplify Users – because i use The Share Crome Extention at present
Look forward

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    We’ll publish another blog post later this week which will delve a bit deeper into the major changes on the platform and to further clarify the situation for existing users

Rodolfo - | Reply

When can we get one?

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    iQueue goes live on the 5th April! – checkout the webinar signup link at the end of the post

Tad Stephens - | Reply

Hey Guys, sorry if I missed this but can we upload content to schedule post (drip) like graphics? Thanks…

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    Hi Tad, yeah you can do regular posts too, so its a fully functional social publisher and not just for links! 🙂

Steven Hoagland - | Reply

Hi Guys, This looks like a big step forward in automatic social posting. Putting the controls in one place means time saved and streamlined workflow. One question – can we post GIFs or videos as well as images? Really looking forward to the reveal!

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    Yeah, both are on the roadmap so will be available soon! You should be able to upload gifs now (just like an image) but we’re looking to integrate directly with giphy too

Eric Mulford - | Reply

We are just a few hours away from this highly anticipated upgrade and release. I’m very excited to see this in action. The Wishloop team has always delivered. I’m confident that this will be a grand slam as well. Ready to make this thing ROCK!

    Stuart Frank - | Reply

    Thanks Eric, excited for you to see it too!

Robert - | Reply

Yowsa! Looking forward to Thursday! This is an answered prayer.

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    That’s great to hear Robert 🙂

fuertez - | Reply

Thanks for sharing!!! It’s beautiful!!!

    Tom Murray - | Reply

    Thanks, we can’t wait for you guys to try it!

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