Can your customers follow the SCENT through from your leads generators to that magic ‘buy’ button?

Probably not.

The 5 Secrets behind creating AD SCENT


Hello again!

Here’s a few fundamental truths about this business….

Leads are great!

Conversions are wonderful!

Sales are smashing!

…and repeat sales are….. AWESOME

This is accepted wisdom; and we’ve all got sales funnels  – if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be in business – but…

Are you sure you’re making the most of your funnel?

One of the biggest mistakes Marketers make in the execution of their funnels is…(wait for it)….

No Scent!

A strong Ad Scent is crucial to every aspect of your sales funnel, but so many of us lose the plot halfway through; Read on to find out how YOU can make your funnel smell good – From that first whiff through to that magic click on the ‘Buy’ button….

The Scent

All potential customers start their browsing in one central area (a ‘hub’) where they find a number of different spokes or trails to follow.

The hub might be anything – Search Engine, Facebook, Twitter or even selling sites like Amazon or Ebay

Viewers leave the Hub for any number of reasons – Paid ads, associated links, even just simple wandering-of-the-mind (or a dozen other things) and branch out on the ‘spokes’

If you’ve got your lead strategy right, one of these spokes should be YOU, and with luck the visitor will be on your landing page. But is it the right landing page? The one they wanted to see? – Because bear in mind you’ve probably already paid for that click!

Lets just say my buggy is broken and I need a cartwheel…..

I’ve Googled ‘cartwheel’ and this is the first result

That’s what we wanted, everybody is happy!

But what if you land here?

Target Cartwheel Coupons with a Whole New Spin

It sounds silly, but a lot of marketers make the simple mistake of tagging their product as something it just isn’t;  either wholseale (as in the example above) or as the product of confused front-end marketing.

The end result of this is that you blow your marketing budget on nothing but bounced traffic – after all – a man wanting a cartwheel isn’t after a marketing app and – more importantly – a man after a marketing app doesn’t want a cartwheel.

And worse still, some sites are just COMPLETELY detached from their actual subject matter; If you Google ‘Baby clothes’ and get this;

What are you likely to do?


So the lesson is  – keep your marketing tied closely to your actual product or service – Every click costs you money, either in hard cash, or in the time you spent, or in alienated customers…

Get it right – Keep your marketing aligned to your actual product or offer….

That’s the way to CREATE your Scent –

How to create a (nice) smell

The secret is to get your visitors to follow the scent all the way from your Ad to that mystical ‘Buy’ button…. and this is where our 5 secrets come in…..

Here they are:





That’s basically it – but….. in a bit more detail…

Recognition is….. comforting… it’s reassuring……it leads to sales.

Although your visitors might not know it, when they see familiar images or layouts, it reassures them; they are on familiar territory now and with people who feel they feel safe with…and when that happens they are MUCH more likely to take that extra step down the funnel.

So keep a strong Scent by keeping all the elements in your designs consistent along your path:

  • Message
  • Color scheme
  • Layout
  • Imagery
  • Font Selection/Size/Color
  • Calls-To-Action, Overlays and Splash pages

The easiest way to demonstrate is by good example;

Chillis are a subject close to my heart  – And this man knows not only how to grow them but – more importantly – HOW TO SELL THEM

This is the Chilli Pepper Co’s FB ad

So the viewer already has the Scent; a hot scent….

This is the Landing page

And this is a content page

Note the similarities? From the moment a viewer sees their Facebook Ad to the moment they hit that golden button (the BUY button) ……everything is consistent

So – the customer is in a familiar environment; they feel safe; they know where they are going; and they know they are dealing with a professional.

That’s the way to get conversions and ultimately – SALES

The following example is NOT the way to do it – and for those of you who are not British – Marks and Spencer are one of our biggest retailers.

Now – Whats the difference?

  • The logo is different
  • The color scheme is different
  • The font style and menus don’t match

That is how not to do it! The page feels like you’ve just walked from a familiar, warm fireside (the famous M&S logo) into an industrial freezer….

The follow on

But….It doesn’t stop there – A great Landing page / Website is wonderful, but what if your customers aren’t biting? What if your leads are leaving without ever becoming leads? What if your conversions aren’t converting?

Even the most well-developed and coordinated sales funnel will lose A LOT of potential sales – from traffic generation right through to abandoned Carts. It’s unavoidable, so we all use onsite targeting and re-targeting to maintain our conversion rates (if you don’t  – you should probably read this and this)

But – like the transition between your ads and your Landing page, your retargeting Has to be congruent with the rest of your material

This is the one fundamental mistake that most marketers make  – For ease of use they generate one set of overlays and apply it to EVERY facet of of their marketing:

So – lets just say the Chilli man is using onsite retargeting:

We’ve got the fire theme going….good – relates to the subject matter!

But maybe our visitor isn’t biting – perhaps the kids are shouting at them, or the boss just walked in, or the third world war started! – They still want their Chillis but they’re going to have to come back later…but right now time is short.

So we use an exit pop-up; it gives them a chance to think again, but more importantly gets their contacts so we can go back and remind them later how much they love  chilli

But what say the Chilli man has a sideline in….Oregano? And out of pure laziness, just uses the same overlay from his Oregano sideline;

Errr……. Green? – Instantly the chilli fire is extinguished….fiery red goes to peaceful green….and the Scent is lost.

This might seem like a minor matter, but bear in mind – The viewer is under pressure; they want chilli but they’re not going to get fired for it! – That small break in the Scent can make a massive difference between a conversion and a lost lead

Heres a better example from the PumaUK website

Here’s their current landing page…

….And here’s their exit splash page


  • Consistent colours
  • Consistent theme
  • Consistent imagery
  • Consistent font and CTA buttons


The viewer feels comfortable – they’re in a familiar environment – one minute they were on Facebook; They clicked on an ad in flame red with a large cat on it  – and went to a landing page….flame red, big pussycat…..then they went to leave and what did they see? Flame red, MASSIVE pussycat….they feel at home, and so are much, much more likely to follow your CTAs…..

That is AD SCENT – and it generates a massive improvements in lead, conversion and sales rates; if you dont believe us, try some A/B testing on your existing funnel – tone it up, make it SMELL GOOD using the tips above – and you will see a difference I promise!

There are of course logistical problems; If you’ve got multiple products, Landing Pages or Sales funnels, you can spend a LOT of time generating an individual scent for each project. The simplest solution is to get a fourth Generation builder programme – We use Engagifire for Landing page creation and Captifire for onsite retargeting; Excellent drag-and-drop building software that cuts our Ad Scent generation down to pretty negligible time input.

So – What have we learned?

Some highly-scented takeaways

I’m sure you’ve got the idea already but – CONSISTENCY is king in this game: You need instant recognition throughout your Funnels, right from the first peek at an ad or a lead generator, right through to your retargeting and – finally the CTA button.

Consistency means –

  • Logo
  • Message
  • Color scheme
  • Layout
  • Imagery
  • Font Selection/Size/Color
  • Calls-To-Action, Overlays and Splash pages

And remember  – if you’re using other Lead Generation techniques (Magnets, Blogs, Email marketing) – the same principles apply – Always follow the scent!!!

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With a crazy background in Economic Support and Global Flow system management, Mark heads up the Customer Success Team at Wishloop.

With a crazy background in Economic Support and Global Flow system management, Mark heads up the Customer Success Team at Wishloop.

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