Hey all.

This month we’ve got some big news 🙂

We’re pleased to welcome three new members to our small team – Shane, Helen and Dan.

We’ll hope you’ll all give them all a warm welcome, whether its on our Facebook or Twitter pages (which are set to receive some much needed TLC), or on one of our upcoming webinars.


Webinar presenter extraordinaire and all round awesome dude, Shane joins us to lead our webinar program.

Shane is a marketing and customer onboarding specialist, and will be helping us to grow Wishloop via webinars and also will play an active role in our custoer success program.

Alongside running a successful business online for the last few years he has also been running a prominent personal training studio for over six years.

The same care and attention he provides his offline clients he brings to the online world which is why he is such a great asset to the team at Wishloop.

Shane says: “From health to wealth… The success and happiness of our customers is why we are in business!”



Helen, digital media executive at Fika & Co., has joined ​Wishloop on secondment to ​help develop our content and social media strategy.

A self-confessed social media geek with a passion for good copy, Helen started out blogging and tweeting for a local media company before specialising in all things​ digital marketing.

We’re excited to have Helen joining the team and looking forward to working on some new marketing campaigns with her.

After join​ing​ the Fika & Co. team ​she spends her days dreaming up​ creative approaches ​to​ content marketing, PR and social media.​

In her own words: “I write, tweet, sleep, repeat.”


Dan is our new front end web developer.  His first job will be to help give our website a new lease of life.

Dan has worked at various web design agencies over the years and has honed his skills as a top level developer.

With a wealth of experience on the table, Dan has a great ability to solve problems in the most efficient way.  He’s also interested in developing his skills in conversion-focussed web design, so we think he’ll fit in perfectly.

When he’s not creating killer websites and apps, Dan enjoys playing in the great outdoors.

New Updates:

You know we don’t rest on our laurels, so here’s a rundown of some of the new stuff we’ve released in the last month:

Infusionsoft integration

One of our most requested integrations, Infusionsoft users can now integrate directly with Wishloop, enabling the full range of customer tagging and marketing automation that Infusionsoft offers

Various backend optimisations

Too many to list really, but you may have noticed that the Wishloop dashboard is a lot snappier than it used to be, and that’s even with the addition of the Stats dashboard last month – regarding this, we’ve had lots of positive feedback but we’re still open to suggestions on how we can improve 😉

More Agency optimisations

The Wishloop Agency program (Wishloop Platform-as-a-service) is picking up steam and we now have over 100 agents who have rebranded Wishloop for their own customers.

Our top agents have already amassed over 300 monthly subscribers, so we’re pretty happy with the success of Wishloop Agency, and we’re glad we took the gamble of opening up our platform to other ambitious marketers.

Checkout this page for more info on Wishloop agency.

What we’re working on:

We’ve received a number of requests recently for a public roadmap or an indication on what we’re working on.

Rather than committing to a roadmap at this time (although we’ll consider adding it to the new website), I would like to start including some closing remarks on what we’re working on at the end of each of these Wishloop updates (it helps to keep us accountable and also provides some teasers for what’s to come).

So on that note, here’s a quick rundown on what we’re working on over the coming month:

  1. Mobile optimisations.  Several improvements to mobile functionality across all 4 Wishloop apps
  2. Paypal checkout on our subscriptions. Because offering a lower friction option to new subscribers has got to be a good thing, right?
  3. Relaunch the Wishloop affiliate scheme. We ditched the old affiliate scheme back in November so the replacement has been a long time coming.  There’s a lot of people waiting for this and its coming soon…
  4. Rolling out our content and social marketing strategies. We’ve been relatively quiet on all these channels thus far, but that’s about to change.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and to join the Wishloop Facebook Group.

That’s all for now, as always we’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to comment below, hit us up on social media or get in touch via our support desk.

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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop, Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies. He has bought, grown and sold several software companies over the past 10 years.

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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop, Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies. He has bought, grown and sold several software companies over the past 10 years.

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