As many of you will know, we originally launched Wishloop agency back in November 2016.

We took on a small group of around 100 agents and have been working 1-1 with these initial converts to improve our Agency offer.

As a result we’ve now relaunched Wishloop Agency!


  • We’ve ironed out a number of bugs…
  • Fixed issues with the rebranding to make everything 100% whitelabel…
  • We’ve introduced a full payments API so you can use your own billing platform…
  • And we’ve removed a load of obstacles which were preventing agents from making their first sales.

Suffice to say, Wishloop Agency 2.0 is a massively improved package.

And we’re confident that by partnering with us you’ll be able to very quickly generate a lot of profit for your business.

Before getting into your frequently asked questions, let me just answer a few basics:

Who is Wishloop agency for?

It doesn’t matter whether you work with local clients already, have a related software or service offering you’re looking to add value to, or just starting out.

With our software and training, we’re confident that Wishloop Agency can transform your business.

How will the new Agency pricing structure work?

The pricing comprises two parts:

  1. An initial setup charge

This covers setting up your own custom domain for your Agency dashboard, as well as initial training on branding and positioning your service, sales generation, customer support, etc…

A one-time setup charge also ensures that we’re working with and investing our own time into serious partners – those who are committed to building a profitable business.

As Tom explained here, there are plenty of customers, and potential profits, for everyone involved.

2. A monthly subscription

The second component of the Wishloop Agency plan is for the subaccount licences.

These operate on a simple scale where you buy bundles of licences which can then be resold to your customers at the price you set (more on this below).

We also offer a simple economy of scale, whereby the more subaccounts you add to your Agency account, the cheaper each individual subaccount becomes.

Note that all agents will start on the 5 subaccount licence.  As you add more (either manually or via our integrated payments API) your Agency account will automatically scale to the next level.

This means you can start small and you’ll never have to turn a customer away as you grow – i.e. even if a customer signs up whilst you’re asleep, you’ll always wake up to a successful payment in the morning – its a true make money as you sleep system!


Sounds Awesome!  How much can I make?

To make this more tangible, lets imagine 3 few scenarios

3 likely scenarios:

Scenario 1 – Sell your licences at the market value (our standard list price) = $137/month

Scenario 2 – Sell licences at 50% market value, same as our standard pro = $77/month

Scenario 3 – Sell licences at a huge discount = $47/month

Scenario 4 – Sell licences as part of a managed service at $297 or even $497/month (you could charge considerably more with the right addon service and target audience)

In the image below you can see our cost prices for subaccounts (pink columns) alongside the potential profits assuming a $137/month resale price (scenario 1)

For the full calculator (and additional scenarios) click the image below:

Ok, so that’s the basic outline.  For more information you can see the full launch webinar here.

But we’ve had a ton of questions so lets get on to those…


Q: Can Agents set the price at which they sell their licences to customers?

Yes! – You purchase each subaccount licence from Wishloop as part of a subscription bundle – The price you sell these on for is up to you!

Just refer to the scenarios above and we’re available to guide you on the best pricing to use for your target market and marketing methods.

Q: What restrictions are there on the subaccounts?

You start with 5 subaccount licences with your initial Agency purchase.

Each licence is for a full-featured plan allowing up to 50k interactions per month.

If you wish to offer your customers a smaller plan, then you can also resell these 50k Growth plans as either a 10k Business plan (i.e. fewer impressions/fewer features) or a 25k Pro plan.

This means that you can effectively model the 3-tiered pricing structure you’ll see at  The only difference is that you are free to choose your own pricing.  You can even choose to sell plans based on just a 2-tier or even 1-tier pricing model if you prefer.

If you take on a customer with larger interaction requirements than this there would be an additional surcharge applied to that account.  The size of the surcharge would depend on the amount of traffic the customer receives.

Q: What’s an interaction, again?

We count an interaction each time a visitor sees one of your campaigns.

This may loosely translate to page impressions however we won’t count an impression as an interaction unless your campaign is triggered.

For example, if you have a popup campaign set to show up after 15 seconds and the visitor stays for only 10 seconds, then this won’t be counted as an interaction.

Q: Are there any limits on the number of customers I can have?

There are no limits.

We are here to actively encourage and support you to add as many customers as possible.

Helping you grow your Agency as big as you possibly can is a WIN-WIN as far as we’re concerned.

Many of our original agency members are well into double figures already.

Of course, if your ambitions are more modest then, even with a small number of customers, you can make a good income with the right mix of related services.  10 customers at £497/month is just as good as 100 at $47.

Q: Do purchasers of the agency package get a regular licence with all the Wishloop Packages on?

This isn’t included with your purchase, however agents can choose to use one of the free licenses included with their package as a personal licence on our growth 50k plan (equivalent of $137/month).

This will also make it easy for you to demo your service from your own account.

Q: Who will host my Agency platform?

We do!  The whole platform is hosted and maintained by us.  Theres no need for downloads, data usage or hosting by you.  And – best of all – NO technical/server issues to deal with.

All you need to do is make sales and manage your customers – we do the rest!

Q: Is the platform fully Whitelabel? 

Totally! – We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your customers will only see YOUR Agency branding.

Everything on the Wishloop Agency platform has been changed right down to the last URL and Favicon.  Your customers will never know we exist.

Simply add your own branding and IDs.  As far as your customers are concerned you are the owner and manager of a full suite of cutting-edge conversion tools!

And it doesnt just extend to the platform itself – All your contact, payment and support identification can be customised to your own Brand, and we provide a range of marketing, sales and support materials that are completely Whitelabel!

Its basically YOUR Platform – we just do the hard work and technical stuff involved in hosting, maintaining and improving it!

Q: How is support handled?

These are your customers, so you will be the one responsible for supporting them.

Nevertheless, we provide a fully white label knowledge base automatically connected to each Agent’s platform.

We will also support you to support your customers.  Rest-assured, you won’t have any problems helping your customers get up-and-running with the platform!

We also have a Facebook group dedicated solely to Wishloop agency partners.

We’re also looking into a solution which will allow us to handle all your support (for an additional fee).  This white label support service will be available as an optional extra to anyone with >25 customer subaccounts.

Q: When will the Wishloop agents’ training take place?

Training will be available upon purchase and also ongoing via webinars, training videos, blog content and our Agency Facebook group.

We’ll email all Agents the sign up links as and when necessary.

Q: Will agents be able to create their own templates for customers?

Yes!  You can create new pages and templates and push these out to your customers.

This could be a service you charge extra for – like our own template club – or just part of your setup charge.  We leave this in your hands.

Q: What happens if you add upgrades to Wishloop in the future?

Simple answer – your customers will get access to these too (assuming they have the appropriate plan level).

For instance the Share scheduler is a relatively new addition to Wishloop which is available to users on a Pro plan.  All Wishloop Pro subscribers and all Agency subaccounts with a Pro account or above, automatically got access to this.

Moving forward we’ll even share our marketing sequences and customer communications with Agents so that you can model these with your own customers.

Q: Will you help me with sales and marketing?

Absolutely.  Remember this is a win-win so we benefit from your success here.

The market is plenty big enough for 100s, even 1,000s of agents.  And we’re working hard to cultivate a culture of success via training, our Agency Facebook group and the content we share.

And remember, we are actively growing Wishloop ourselves, every single day…

Crucially, we’re happy to share our successes, and even our failures with you.

If by our success or our mistakes we can help you to grow your business with Wishloop Agency then we will.  We also very much hope our partners will adopt the same attitude.

Q: Where can I find out more?

If you still have a question then drop us a message at:

You’ll also find we’ve added some further info to our Agency knowledge base, including a number of training videos.

And check out the Agency launch webinar for more info on the opportunity, including why we think Wishloop Agency is such a no brainer as well as a live demo.

Q: I’m ready to sign up, what now?

Simply head over to the Wishloop Agency Sales page or go directly to the checkout.  We look forward to welcoming you to Agency soon.

Closing comments:

If you’ve read this far then I hope you’ll consider joining Wishloop Agency.  Its certainly the biggest and best opportunity we’ve ever been able to deliver to our customers.

Even if it’s not right for you at this time, then you should thank the Agents who do jump on board.  With the help of our Agency partners we’ll be driving the Wishloop platform forward to even greater heights, continuing to innovate and improve the platform for the benefit of all.

And finally, if you think someone you know would also benefit from Agency, then share this post via the buttons below.

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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop as well as several other software products which help marketers and small businesses attract and retain more customers. Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies.

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Stuart Frank

A co-founder of Wishloop as well as several other software products which help marketers and small businesses attract and retain more customers. Stuart specialises in lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer growth and retention strategies.

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